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What’s His Name?

A possessive suffix is an ending to a word that indicates possession, similar to the apostrophe-’s’ in “John’s notebook”. Possessive suffixes are the Arabic equivalents of the words “my”, “your”, “his”, “her”, “our”, and “their”.
هذِهِ صِديقتي.
haadhihi Sadiiqatii.
This is my friend.

ما إسْمُكَ؟
ma ismuka?
What is your name? (when asking a man)

ما إسْمُكِ؟
ma ismuki?
What is your name? (when asking a woman)

3rd person masculine
3rd person feminine
2nd person masculine
2nd person feminine
1st person …ي

Try to practice and write your own sentences using these new gramar points!

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