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Get 55% off with our best holiday deals. Hurry! Ends soon! Blog
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Are you looking for some Arabic learning treats this Halloween? Well, we’ve got some for you right here in this newsletter, including scary Arabic words you’ll need for Halloween, a Monster-Sized Discount on our complete Arabic learning system and a Free Feature that you might not have known about! Keep reading to get your spooky treats and updates of the month!

In this month’s newsletter:

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  2. Learn the Scariest, Must-Know Arabic Words for Halloween!
  3. Free Feature! Want to Speak More Arabic? Learn the Top 100 Words

1. Ends Friday! Learn Arabic with a Monster-Sized 28% OFF!
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2. What are the Scariest, Must-Know Arabic Words for Halloween?
Boo! How would you say that in Arabic? Or any other Halloween word? Well, here’s your Halloween treat. Learn the Top Halloween Arabic Words with this free list. Simply click below, listen to the audio pronunciation and repeat out loud! Or, use the Autoplay button to view the words in a slideshow. This is our gift to you for being part of ArabicPod101.

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3. Free Feature Alert: Learn The Top 100 Arabic Words
As an Arabic beginner, this is your master list of the words you need to know. Live it. Love it. Breathe it. Access the list, and review each word with translations, pronunciations, relevant pictures and sample sentences. Master these first 100 words and know what’ll happen next? You’ll realize you can learn the next hundred too and understand even more Arabic!

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