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Vocabulary Lists Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners

Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners

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Arabic: أهم عشرة أنواع للجمل للمبتدئين
Romanization: ʾaham ʿašaraẗi ʾanwāʿ lelǧumal lelmubtadeʾīn
Vowelled: أَهَم عَشَرَةِ أَنوْاع لِلجُمَل لِلمُبتَدِئين
English: Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners
In this lesson, you will learn the Top 10 Arabic Sentence Patterns for Beginners. Even though you may already know some Arabic vocabulary, perhaps you’re finding it difficult to string together coherent sentences. This lesson will break down the key components of 10 basic Arabic sentence patterns, while also giving you an example of each one. Take your Arabic to the next level by formulating clear, well-organized Arabic sentences!

P.S. Be sure to click on the links below to take relevant lessons to learn even more about each sentence pattern!
[A] [B]
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A] [B]
- Vowelled: [A] [B]
- Romanization:
- English: [A(noun/subject)] am/is/are [B (adjective)]

■ Example

- Entry: .أنا متعب
- Vowelled: .أَنا مُتعَب
- Romanization: Ana mut'ab.
- English: I am tired.
[A] [B] [C]
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A] [B] [C]
- Vowelled: [A] [B] [C]
- Romanization:
- English: [B(noun/subject)] [A(verb)] [C(noun/object)]

■ Example

- Entry: .أكل فادي الكعكة
- Vowelled: .أَكَلَ فادي الكَعكَة
- Romanization: ʾakala fādī al-kaʿkah.
- English: Fady ate the cake.
؟[A] بكم
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: ؟[A] بكم
- Vowelled: ؟[A] بِكَم
- Romanization: bikam [A]?
- English: How much is [A]?

■ Example

- Entry: بكم هذا؟
- Vowelled: بِكَم هَذا؟
- Romanization: bikam haḏā?
- English: How much is this?
؟[A] أين
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: ؟[A] أين
- Vowelled: ؟[A] أَيْنَ
- Romanization: ʾayna [A]?
- English: Where is [A(noun)]

■ Example

- Entry: أين المِرحاض؟
- Vowelled: أَيْنَ المِرحاض؟
- Romanization: ʾayna al-mirḥāḍ?
- English: Where is the bathroom?
[A] [B] من [C]
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A] [B] من [C]
- Vowelled: [A] [B] مِن [C]
- Romanization: [A] [B] min [C]
- English: [B(noun)] am/is/are [A(adjective in comparative form)] than [C(noun].

■ Example

- Entry: .أحمد أطول من ياسر
- Vowelled: .أَحمَد أَطوَل مِن ياسِر
- Romanization: ʾaḥmad ʾaṭwal min īāsir.
- English: Ahmed is taller that Yasser.
[A] أريد
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A] أريد
- Vowelled: [A] أُريد
- Romanization: ʾurīd [A]
- English: I want [A(noun)]

■ Example

- Entry: .أريد ماء
- Vowelled: .أُريدُ ماء
- Romanization: ʾurīdu māʾ.
- English: I want water.
[A] أُريد أن
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A] أُريد أن
- Vowelled: [A] أُريدُ أَن
- Romanization: ʾurīdu ʾan [A]
- English: I want to [A(conjugated verb)]

■ Example

- Entry: .أريد أن أذهب
- Vowelled: .أُريدُ أَن أَذهَب
- Romanization: ʾurīdu ʾan ʾaḏhab.
- English: I want to go.
[A] لا
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A] لا
- Vowelled: [A] لا
- Romanization: lā [A]
- English: Don't [A(conjugated verb]

■ Example

- Entry: .لا تذهب
- Vowelled: .لا تَذهَب
- Romanization: lā taḏhab.
- English: Don't go.
؟[A] ماذا
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: ؟[A] ماذا
- Vowelled: ؟[A] ماذا
- Romanization: māḏā [A]?
- English: What do you/they \ does he/she [A(conjugated verb)]?

■ Example

- Entry: ماذا تريد؟
- Vowelled: ماذا تُريد؟
- Romanization: māḏā turīd?
- English: What do you want?
[A] الساعة
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A] الساعة
- Vowelled: [A] الساعَة
- Romanization: al-sāʿah [A]
- English: It's [A] o'clock.

■ Example

- Entry: .الساعة الخامسة
- Vowelled: .الساعَة الخامِسَة
- Romanization: al-sāʿah al-ḫāmisah.
- English: It's five o'clock.
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Can you make sample sentences using these patterns?
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Hi Aafiya,

Please tell us what you mean by that :)!



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Hi Kamil,

Good job!

Moroccan and Saudi dialects are very different! Don't study Moroccan Arabic if you live in Saudi Arabia! It will confuse you.

Instead, focus on Modern Standard Arabic lessons and maybe Egyptian Arabic later on.

The way to know what dialect a series is in is looking at the series(not the lesson!) title and see if there are the words "Morrocan" or "Egyptian" in it. If not, then it is in Standard Arabic and you should be studying it!



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I will try few sentences.

Ana Kamil.

Al Saah Arba'a

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Assalamu alaikum

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I stay in Saudi Arabia.

Pls let me know any difference between Moroccon and Saudi Arabic.