Ready to start speaking Arabic from your first lesson?

At ArabicPod101, you get the world’s largest library of audio and video lessons made by real teachers. Your lessons focus on real life communication and you can learn anywhere, anytime and on any device. With over 500 million lesson downloads and 10 years of publishing, you’re learning with a proven, time-tested system.


Step 1. You Get a Ready-Made Path to Fluency. From Beginner to Advanced

Choose your level and we’ll recommend lessons that are perfect for you. You get a clear path of which lessons to take next. Our learning path guides you through 180+ hours (1060+) high-quality audio and video lessons.

Huge Library of Audio and Video Lessons

Level Audio Video
Introduction: 25+ 20+
Absolute Beginner: 270+ 50+
Beginner: 35+ 75+
Intermediate: 50+ 45+
Advanced: 40+ 45+
Bonus 130+ 45+

Step 2. Learn Arabic Anywhere, Anytime, On Your Terms.

Learn anywhere or anytime you want. On your computer or app for the Android, iPhone or iPad.

You can switch seamlessly between devices and keep your progress.

Plus, new lessons come out every week!

Anywhere, anytime

Step 3. Learn Faster with Over a Dozen Time-Saving Study Tools

Access in-depth lesson notes, memory boosting flashcards, pronunciation perfection tools, word lists and other resources that will cut your study time in half.

study tools
Study with your own teacher

Step 4. Learn with Your Own Teacher (Premium PLUS Feature)

Get direct access to your own teacher. They’ll answer any question, give assignments, feedback and design a personalized learning program based on your needs. Over 2,750 students enrolled.

Step 5. Take Live 1-on-1 Lessons on Skype (Elite Feature)

Want actual face-to-face practice? You get just that with live 1-on-1 Skype lessons with your own Arabic teacher.

(4 x 30-Minute Lessons/Month or 8 x 30-Minute Lessons/Month)

Anywhere, anytime

Subscription Benefits

  • Complete Lesson Archive Access
  • Instant Lesson Discussions
  • Printer-friendly Lesson Notes
  • One-Click Lesson Downloads
  • Word of the Day Access
  • Core 100 Words List and Audio
  • Everything from Basic and…
  • Line-by-Line Audio Transcript
  • Exclusive Premium iTunes Feed
  • Bonus Lesson Content
  • Interactive Lesson Quizzes
  • Personal Word Bank
  • Core 2000 Word List and Audio
  • Spaced Repetition Flashcards
  • Everything from Premium and…
  • Professional Assessment
  • Personalized Learning Program
  • 1-on-1 Instruction
  • Everything from Premium PLUS and…
  • Personal 1 on 1 Skype Lessons

Eight Features List

1. Video-Based Lessons

ArabicPod101 has a strong focus on video-based lessons that teach Arabic with an innovative approach. Each lesson breaks down real situations and provides analysis of language used. Students can easily comprehend and immediately apply their knowledge to the real world.

2. Mobile Application

Access our entire lesson catalog and download entire series or individual lessons for offline access with one touch via our mobile application.

3. Blended Learning

Maximize your students’ class time, and cut out-of-class preparation time in half. People are busy. We have done several in-house case studies to optimize our content and lessons, so that they are now the ultimate blended learning tool.

4. Custom Word Lists

Quickly and easily create your own word list using new vocabulary you pick up on a day-to-day basis, or study lists submitted by other learners via our Custom Word List web app. Great for exploring and learning new localized or specialized vocabulary!

5. 2000 Core word List

Master all of the vocabulary needed to become conversationally fluent in Arabic with our 2000 Core-word-list. Vocabulary is broken down for you by category.

6. Space Repetition Flashcard

Build custom vocabulary decks out of lesson vocabulary or master our core 2000 vocabulary list with our algorithmic spaced repetition flashcards.

7. CEFR Alignment

Easily get real-world perspective on student progress and advancement with all lessons aligned to the CEFR.

8. Lesson Expansion Tools

Downloadable lesson notes PDF, vocabulary quizzes and lesson transcripts are available for EVERY lesson.

Video LessonsLesson notes

How to Help Your Team Succeed with Learning Arabic

Track & Monitor Your Team’s Learning Progress & Engagement

Want to make sure your team is learning? With ArabicPod101, you can view, track, measure and monitor your team’s activity – from their overall progress down to the details of the last lesson they studied. More specifically, you can…

  • Monitor how much time they spend on lessons per day
  • Track the number of lessons and flashcards studied
  • View the activity stream of the lessons they’ve completed
  • View individual statistics or the progress of your team as a whole
  • Track overall progress with dynamic progress charts in Learning Paths
Lesson notes

Get Custom Arabic Courses Tailored to Individual & Corporate Goals

What goals do you want your employees to achieve? Conversational fluency? Business level conversation? Writing effective emails?

With Learning Paths, you get custom Arabic courses – comprised of audio and video lessons – based on organizational and individual goals and needs.

Learning Paths are custom lesson playlists designed by our Arabic teachers, such as…

  • The Ultimate Guide for Brand New Arabic Learners
  • Business Arabic
  • Speaking Perfect Arabic at a Restaurant
  • Top 15 Video and Audio Lessons for Your First Week
  • …and going from Absolute Beginner all the way up to Advanced

Follow the path from the first lesson to the last
– we’ll guide you along the way.

Access Customized Vocab Lists Based on Company Needs

Want your team to learn industry-specific words and terminology? For example, one employee might need to know Arabic words for accounting. Another will need IT-related vocab. With ArabicPod101, you get vocab lists customized to meet organizational needs and objectives.

This a perfect way to help your team excel at their work and the language – all at the same time.

Different people, Different Needs

Get Detailed Reports on Your Team’s Progress

Make sure that your team is making the most of ArabicPod101. With our administrative interface, you can pull up reports of their progress, time studied and ongoing activity.

Get detailed reports on specific students or an overview of the entire team.


Access to a Dedicated Account Representative

You get direct access to your very own account representative. Need technical support? Want specific reports created based on your company’s needs? Your dedicated representative will address any issue you may have within 1 business day.

Online & Offline Integration – Keep All Your Arabic Learning in One Place

Are your employees also learning with a third party? Is it outside classes or a personal Skype teacher with your support? If you want to keep track of their language progress – and keep it all under one roof – ArabicPod101 offers online/offline integration.

Your employees can also add their progress and details about learning done in outside classes with My Classes or My Teacher.

Organize Your Team Into Groups

Get staff members organized into different groups. You can easily compare members of different teams, regions or divisions, and easily navigate between groups.

Get CEFR Assessment: Real-World Proof & Results for Your Team

Want real-world proof of your team’s Arabic ability? With ArabicPod101’s Premium PLUS 1-on-1 learning, your team gets access to their own teacher. Even better, they receive ongoing CEFR assessment to help them learn faster and reach fluency.

And with CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) certification, Arabic proficiency is something they can proudly add to their skill-set.

CEFR is an international standard for describing language ability. For example, someone with an A1 certification is a beginner, whereas someone with C1 is considered fluent.

Monitor Everyone with one Admin Account

Easily see all student activity from one place – there is no need to log in to separate places to view separate teams.


Pricing & Plans

Premium PLUS

The Biggest Arabic Lesson Library in the World

Access to all All Audio and Video Lessons - Over 180+ Hours, 1060+ Arabic audio and video lessons made by real teachers. Perfect for all levels, from Absolute Beginner level to Advanced. New lessons come out every week.

Exclusive App for iPhone, iPad or Android - Learn Arabic anywhere, anytime. Take your Arabic lessons on the go with you.


Feedback from Arabic Teachers - Have a question? Leave a comment and get feedback from our Arabic teachers.

PDF Materials, Notes & Transcripts

In-Depth Lesson Notes & Transcripts - Get each lesson in writing with PDF lesson notes and transcripts. Read along or review after a lesson.

Lesson Specific Study Tools

Line-by-Line Audio Transcription - Hear every line from the lesson conversation again and again. Great for improving reading, speaking and listening skills.

Interactive Voice Recorder, Quizzes, etc - Record yourself and compare your Arabic with native speakers. Review what you learn with quizzes for every lesson.

Premium Study Tools

Your Personal Word Bank - Save all new words and phrases here. You can come back and review them in one spot, any time. This is your personal word list.

2,000 Must-Know Words List - Learn 2,000+ vocab and phrases that are vital to fluency in Arabic! use this with Flashcards and the Word Bank.

Spaced Repetition Flashcards - Learn Arabic FASTER with these smart Flashcards. They sort your words for you, testing you on the hard ones and skipping the ones you already know.

Daily Dose of Arabic Lessons - Stay on track with quick, easy, daily lessons. As a Premium member, you also get full access to past mini-lessons and bonus audio and video lessons.

Guided Learning

Ongoing Professional Assessment - Get an assessment of your Arabic. Understand your strengths and weaknesses so you know what to study next.

Your Own Personalized Learning Program - Get a personalized study plan based on your needs from your teacher. If speaking is your weak point, your teacher will work with you to get you speaking like a native speaker.

1-on-1 Interaction with Your Arabic Teacher - Learn directly with your teacher via Premium PLUS My Teacher. Get help with all your questions, problems or just practice Arabic with them.

New! 1-On-1 Learning on the App, Anywhere, Anytime - Learn anytime with your teacher with full access to all Premium PLUS on any iPhone, iPad or Android.

Live Lessons

1-on-1 Skype Lessons (4 x 30-Minute Lessons/Month or 8 x 30-Minute Lessons/Month) - Get actual face-to-face practice with live 1-on-1 Skype Lessons.