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Team Members

logo Danya Gammas Originally from Syria, Danya was born in the United States. At age 5, she moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where she lived for 12 years, during which she received her education in both English and Arabic. When high school came around, she moved with her family to Amman, Jordan where she lived for 5 years. In Amman, she worked as a radio personality at one of the country’s most popular English radio station. She hosted a top 20 music show as well as performing voice-overs and advertisements. Danya also worked with the On Campus Magazine team, the first English student magazine in Jordan. She currently resides in the United States.
logo Natasha was born to a Syrian and a Russian parent. She grew up in Syria and speaks both Modern Standard Arabic and the Syrian dialect natively. She also learned Russian, English and German. A short time ago, she came to Berlin in order to get a Master’s degree in art. Now she wound up as co-host on
logo Judith has a passion for learning and teaching languages. She speaks more than 8 languages (not counting languages she dabbles in), has taught languages as a private tutor for several years already and recently finished up her university degree in linguistics.
Carole Chemali Carole was born and raised in Lebanon, and is fluent in both Arabic and French. Before moving to Japan in 2009, Carole completed her graduate studies at the French Saint Joseph University of Beirut, majoring in Tourism and Geography, and did her master’s thesis there about Japan’s outbound tourism market. Carole is currently completing her PhD course at Rikkyo University and teaching French at an international school in Japan.
Nora Nora Nora was born to a Palestinian and Egyptian parents, and raised in Egypt. She has recently graduated from the faculty of languages, as a Japanese major and an English and Arabic minor. For one year, she lived and studied in Japan at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. She currently lives in Cairo, Egypt.
Nora Rana Seifeldin Ahmed Rana was born in Cairo. She’s a native Arabic speaker, and also speaks English and Japanese. After graduating from Ain Shams University, Rana worked as a Japanese language instructor at a Japanese cultural center, and now works as an Arabic language instructor in Japan. She has a BA in Japanese studies and is currently doing her master’s in comparative linguistics at Tokyo University For Foreign Studies. Rana loves learning and teaching new languages, reading, travelling and astronomy.
obada Obada Kassoumah Obada lives in Japan but was born In Damascus and studied Japanese at Damascus University for three years. He moved to Japan to study abroad at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, majoring in International studies. He speaks Arabic, Japanese, English, and Spanish. He has worked as an Arabic teaching assistant at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and a translator and content creator for He is interested in soccer, dancing, and learning languages.
brittney Brittney Herron Born in Tennessee and raised in Florida, Brittney has lived and worked abroad in Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, and Morocco, where she has sought to expand her knowledge of various Arabic dialects. Brittney is a professional educator, with experience teaching secondary mathematics in the US and teaching English to native Arabic speakers abroad. She pursued her academic passion for Near Eastern Studies and Arabic as an undergraduate at Princeton University and obtained a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Colorado, specializing in online learning and instructional media.
Peryhan Essam Peryhan Essam Peryhan was born in Cairo, Egypt and is a native Arabic speaker. She is studying language studies at Ain Shams University, with a major in Japanese. Peryhan has lived in Japan for a year as part of an international exchange program at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. She also works in English conversation cafes, and in her free time, likes to drink coffee and read English literature.
Chaima Ait El Mekki Chaima Ait El Mekki Chaima was born and raised in Marrakesh, Morocco. Her main interest is maths, which led her to obtain a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Science and Technologies. While working as a Statistics teacher at the American University of Leadership in Marrakesh, she is constantly involved in volunteering activities.
Her mother tongue is Arabic, both Standard and Moroccan, but she is also fluent in French and English and can speak good Spanish.
Hany El Awadly Hany El Awadly Hany was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and is a native Arabic and fluent English and Japanese speaker. He studied Japanese at Ain-shams University in Cairo, spending one year as an exchange student at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) in Japan. After graduating, he came back to Tokyo as a Research Student at Hitotsubashi University and is currently doing an MBA at Globis University. Since he learned Japanese, he has been teaching Arabic to his Japanese friends both voluntarily and professionally in language teaching centers in Tokyo. In addition to teaching Arabic, he also does freelance translation and interpretation for major TV broadcasting channels and newspapers. Hany’s interests include Business Administration and learning new languages, and he has a passion for meeting new people with different languages, cultures, and backgrounds. He believes people’s differences unifies them and wants to help people learn new languages to find out about the beauty of different cultures around the world
Hany El Awadly Yafa Mouadhen Yafa Mouadhen is an independent filmmaker. Yafa was born in Tunisia, and she is currently studying for Japanese Cinema at Tsukuba University. After working as an English teacher in Tsukuba International school, she worked as a teaching assistant at Tsukuba University. She also taught French and English to Japanese students. Recently, she has started working an editorial assistant for Gutenberg Orchestra, discovering the new word of editions and fashion photography. She is passionate about the arts, and is dreaming of starting her own production company one day.
Amr Saad Amr Saad Amr was born in Cairo, Egypt. He speaks Arabic as his native language, and he’s also fluent in English. He is currently a staff member in the Faculty of Dentistry at Cairo University, and studying for his PhD. at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. He’s interested in playing video games and traveling around the world.
Atra Ota Atra Ota Atra is originally from Algeria. She works as a language teacher. Her hobbies include photography, playing music, café hunting, and traveling.