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Lesson Transcript

[سلام (salam)] This is Chaima. Welcome to Arabic weekly words and let’s find out this week’s topic. Its university [الجامعة (al jāmiʻa] fun place.
First word is
[أستاذ] or [أستاذ ة] for female.
’ustâd / ’ustâda
It means professor and in Moroccan Arabic Darija, we would say it but we also use the short form of the French word which is prof
هاد العام كان عندنا واحد أستاذة الرياضيا ت
مزيانة بزاف
hâd lʻâm kân ʻandnâ wâHd ustâdat rriyâDiyyât mzyâna bzzâf.
This year, we had a very good math professor. yeah.
Next word
[تخصص] major.
We have the same word in Darija, we say [takhaSoS] or we use this French word [spécialité]
ف الجامعة ديالي كان التخصص هو الهندس ة
f ljâmiʻa dyâlî kân ttakhaSSuS huwa lhandasa lmâliyya.
In the University, my major was financial engineering.
Next word
[الحي الجامعي] campus.
We use the same word in Darija, we say lHay ljâmi‘iyy
ماعمرني سكنت ف الحي الجامعي حنت كن ت
ساكنة مع والديَّ
mâ ʻammarni mâ sknt fil Hayy ljâmiʻiy Hint knt sâkna mʻa wâlidiyya.
I’ve never lived on campus because I lived with my parents.
Next word
[دبلوم] means degree and
we use the French word in Darija which is diplôm
هي كانت ذكية بزاف عندها تلات ة
الديپلومات مختلفة
hiya kânt dhkiyya bzzâf ʻandhâ thlâta ddiplômât mukhtalifa.
she was really smart. She has three different degrees.
[تخرج] It means to graduate and
in Darija, we used to say [tkhrraj]
كيقرا دابا و غادي يتخرج من دابا تلات سنين
kayqrâ dâbâ w ghâdî ytkharraj mn dâbâ tlât snîn.
he is studying now and he will graduate in three years.
Next word, oh there is no next word. Thank you for joining us [بسلامة (bslama)] I will see you next week.