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Lesson Transcript

[سلام (salam)] It’s Chaima again. Welcome to Arabic weekly words and thank you for joining us. Let’s find out this week’s topic. It’s Library [المكتبة (al maktaba)] We have the same word in Darija [المكتبة (lmektaba)] and it’s pronounced slightly different [mektaba] versus [maktaba].
The first word is
[كتب] is a plural of [كتاب (ktub)].
So one is [ktub] many is [kutub] and it means books. In Darija, we say for one [كتاب (ktab)] for many we say [كتوب (ktouba)]
هاد صيف قريت بزاف ديال لكتب ... تقريبا
20 كتاب
hâd SSîf qrît bzzâf dyâl lktub ... taqrîban ʻashrîn ktâb.
this summer, I read so many books almost 20 books.
Next word
[كاتب] or [kâtib] it means author
الكتاب المفضل عندي سميتو "مكتوب" و
الكاتب ديالو هو "پاولو كولو"
lktâb lmufaDDal ʻndî smîtû maktûb wlkâtib dyâlu huwa paolô kwilô.
my favorite book is Mektoub and his author is Paulo Coelho.
Next word is
[خيا ل] is fiction which is true.
I don’t like fiction books.
مكايعجبونيش كتب الخيال
makayʻjbûnîsh ktub lkhayâl.
Next word
[واقع ي] means not fiction.
It means also [realistic] to describe the person. A good sentence with this word would be
هاد الكتاب مستوحى من قصة واقعية
hâd lktâb mustawHâ man qiSSa wâqiʻiyya.
this book is inspired from a non-fiction story, or from a real story (0:01:30).
Next word is
[قلب على] and it means to research and
in Moroccan Arabic Darija we would say [qallab ‘lâ]. A good sentence is
درت بحت باش نكتب واحد راپور
dart baHt bâsh nktab wâHd rrâppôr.
I did a research to write a paper.
That was it. Thank you for joining Arabic weekly words. I will see you next week [بسلامة (bslama)]