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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, this is Peryhan and this is the Egyptian Arabic weekly words. Are you excited for today? Let’s get started. Our topic is hygiene actions.
[yiġsil] to wash
إغسل وِشك و إنزل إفطر.
["ʾiġsil wiššak wa ʾinzil ʾifṭar."]
Wash your face and go down for breakfast
يسرح الشع ر
[yiisarraḥ al-šaʿr] to brush hair
أنا هسرح شعري وأنزل.
[ʾanā hasarraḥ šaʿrī ūʾanzil.]
I will brush my hair and go.
[yiǧaffif] To blow dry
في الشتا, بجفف شعري بعد الإستحمام.
[fī al-šitā, baǧaffif šaʿrī baʿd al-ʾistiḥmām.]
In the winter, I blow dry my hair after taking a shower so I don’t catch cold.
[yuġarġir] To gargle,
it’s a funny one, isn’t it
الغرغرة بتساعدك على تفادي البرد.
[al-ġarġarah bitsāʿdik ʿalā tafādī al-bard.]
Gargling helps you to avoid cold. I know I should
[yiquṣ] To cut
أنا هروح أَقص شعري الإسبوع الجاي.
[ʾanā harūḥ ʾaquṣ šaʿrī al-ʾisbūʿ al-ǧāī.]
I will go cut my hair next week, that’s a lie. I want it to grow and that’s it.
The end, I hope you liked this lesson and please try to make a sentence with these words you learned today in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe and visit our website and bye bye. That’s too much to ask. Oh so that’s it, okay.