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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone.
Welcome to The Ultimate Arabic Pronunciation Guide.
You've made it to the last lesson! Do you feel more confident about speaking in Arabic now?
In this last lesson, we'll wrap things up by quizzing you on the material that we've covered in this series.
Let's practice!
Make sure to practice out loud with this lesson!
You know all the parts and pieces, but can you speak Arabic with a natural accent?
If you've been quiet up until now, be sure to speak out loud with (host name)!
Are you ready? Let's go!
You probably knew this phrase before you started this series, but did you know how to pronounce it correctly?
Give it a shot!
السلام علَيكُم
Did you pronounce this greeting correctly?
Be mindful about the two 'throaty' sounds in this common greeting. Try again.
If you still haven't got it, go back to lesson 7 to review the material.
What about this next one?
صباح الخير
Did you pronounce this emphatic consonants correctly? Remember to produce a dark consonant, build up pressure at the point of contact *and* constrict your throat. Listen to it again.
صباح الخير
We covered the emphatic S sound in lesson 6.
Okay. Let's move on.
Which syllable should you stress in this example?
Do you recall the second principle? If there are no long syllables, stress the third to last syllable. Try one more time.
We covered stress in lesson 8.
Here's the last one.
The emphatic spreading of the dark letter causes the letters adjacent to it to sound deeper than normal – this is why the first consonant is pronounced dark instead of what is written. We talked about this in the previous lesson! Try it one last time.
How did it go? Do you feel like you have a better accent than you did at the beginning of this series?
What parts of Arabic Pronunciation are still difficult for you?
Good luck as you continue learning Arabic! Bye!