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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson, you’ll learn phrases you can use to ask for medical assistance. Traveling can take a toll on the body, not to mention adjusting to a new culture - your immune system can take a knock during all the transition, so please take care. In this lesson, we’ll go over some phrases that will help you get to a location where you can get medical assistance.
When a person feels sick people might start asking if they’re ok, in which case you might want to specify that you feel very sick.
We’ll start with the phrase “I feel very sick”
In Egyptian, this is ana ‘ayyaan awy.
Let’s break it down by syllable.
(slow) ana ‘ayyaan awy.
Let’s hear it again.
ana ‘ayyaan awy.
أنا عيان أوي
First, we have , ana which is the pronoun “I”.
Next we have ‘ayyaan that means “sick”
(slow) ‘ayyaan.
For a female speaker, this word becomes ‘ayyaana.
(Slow) ‘ayyaana.
After this is awy, literally means, “very”.
(slow) awy.
Altogether, we have
(slow) ana ‘ayyaan awy.
ana ‘ayyaan awy.
or for a female it would be, ana ‘ayyaana awy.
This means “I am very sick”
To instruct someone to call an ambulance, say
ettesel bel es’aaf law samaḥt. In English this is “call the ambulance please”.
Let’s break it down.
(slow) ettesel bel es’aaf law samaḥt.
ettesel bel es’aaf law samaḥt.
إتصل بالإسعاف لو سمحت
The first word ettesel is the imperative form of the verb meaning “to call”. It refers to a phone call.
(slow) ettesel.
The word es’aaf means “ambulance”.
(slow) es’aaf.
And at the end comes law samaḥt meaning “please”.
The whole phrase once again is:
(slow) ettesel bel es’aaf law samaḥt.
ettesel bel es’aaf law samaḥt.

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