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Lesson Transcript

In Egypt, there are many delicious dishes! We've already covered how to order them, but now it’s time to learn how to eat them! That is not always so obvious. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to ask, “How do you eat this?"
In Egyptian Arabic, “How do you eat this?” is
aklo ezzay?
Let’s break it down:
(slow) aklo ezzay?
Once more:
aklo ezzay?
آكلُه إزاي؟
The first word, aklo is the verb “to eat "in the first person form, plus the “o” is a pronoun meaning “it”
(slow) aklo.
Then we have ezzay, which is translated as “how”
(slow) aklo ezzay?
aklo ezzay?
The whole question once again is:
aklo ezzay? literally translated- “I eat it how ?”
Usually it is easy to understand how a certain Egyptian dish has to be eaten, yet if you deal with traditional meals then things might get a little bit complicated. Also you have to know that the Egyptian cuisine uses a whole lot of butter and oil. This will make the food heavy. So, when you are counting the calories, the question "Is this food very heavy?" is
al akl dah t’eel awy?
Let’s break it down:
(slow)al akl dah t’eel awy?
Once more:
al akl dah t’eel awy?
الأكل ده تقيل أوي؟
The first word, al akl , means “the food” and dah means “this”. The two words together make al akl dah meaning “this food”.
(slow) al akl dah.
al akl dah.
Next we have t’eel, which is an adjective that means “heavy”
(slow) t’eel.
After that, we have awy which means “very”.
(slow) awy.
Altogether, it’s
(slow) al akl dah t’eel awy?
al akl dah t’eel awy?
The whole phrase literally means
“Is this food very heavy?”


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