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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson, we’ll introduce you to a phrase that will help you get to places that you need to be! In some places, trains and subways are the way to travel, but it's also very useful to know how to rent a car.
In Egyptian Arabic, “I want to rent a car” is
ʿaiz a’aggar ‘arabeyya.
Let’s break it down:
(slow) ʿaiz a’ag-gar ‘ara-beyya.
Once more:
ʿaiz a’aggar ‘arabeyya.
عايز اأجر عربية
The first word, ʿaiz, is the first person form of the verb that means “I want”.
(slow) ʿaiz.
Just note that if you are a female, you should say ʿaiza.
slow ʿaiza.
Next comes a’aggar, which is translated as “to rent”
(slow) a’aggar.
Then we have ‘arabeyya which means “a car”.
(slow) ‘arabeyya.
The whole sentence again:
(slow) ʿaiz a’aggar ‘arabeyya.
ʿaiz a’aggar ‘arabeyya.
or if a female is speaking it will be, ʿaiza a’aggar ‘arabeyya.
Now let’s say you want to specify the make of the car you want to rent. The name comes in the end of the sentence. For example, if you want to rent a Toyota, you should say:
ʿaiz a’aggar ‘arabeyya toyota.
عايز اأجر عربية تويوتا
The names of car makers are the same in Egyptian Arabic, with just a little difference in pronunciation, but nothing drastic. Say it slowly and they’ll definitely understand.
Now let’s see the expected answers you’ll get from the car rental shop:
meaning “sure!”.
or “aywa”
meaning “yes”
but if they don’t have the car make you want, they’ll say “La’” meaning “No”.
Or they might say “maʿandinash toyota”
ماعندناش تويوتا
maʿandinash means “we don't have”
(slow) maʿandinash
then comes the make of the car. so all together it will be: (slow)“maʿandinash toyota”
“maʿandinash toyota”
ماعندناش تويوتا
To choose another make, let’s say “Fiat”, say: “Do you have a Fiat, then?”
“tab fih Fiat?”
طب فيه فيات؟
“tab” means “then”.
(slow) tab.
“fih” means “there is” or “available”.
(slow) fih.
and “fiat” stays the way it is.
(slow) fiat.
If you're renting something, it's also important to know when you must return it! You’ll need a phrase to make sure you return it on time.
In Egyptian Arabic, “When do I have to return it?” is:
emta araga’ha?
(slow)emta aragga’ha?
emta aragga’ha?
إمتى أرجّعها؟
The first word emta means “when.”
(slow) emta.
Next we have aragga’ha which means “to return it”.
(slow) araga’ha.
Let’s hear the whole sentence one more time
(slow) emta aragga’ha?
emta aragga’ha?
Literally, this means “When do I return it?”