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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson we're going to work on getting your package one step closer to its destination. In the previous lesson, we discussed the phrase ‘ayez ab’at al tard dah le faransa ("I would like to send this package to France").
Let’s hear it one more time:
(slow) ‘ayez ab’at al tard dah le faransa.
‘ayez ab’at al tard dah le faransa.
عايز أبعت الطرد ده لفرنسا
Substitute “France” with the name of any other country.
When sending a package, though, you will be asked what is in it. So, be prepared to hear "What's in the package?". It’s eih elli fi al tard?
Let’s break it down:
(slow)eih elli fi al tard?
Once more:
eih elli fi al tard?
إيه إلّي في الطرد؟
The first word eih means “what”.
(slow) eih.
Next, elli means “that”.
(slow) elli.
Next, fi, meaning “in”.
(slow) fi.
At the end we have al tard, “ package”.
(slow) al tard.
al tard.
Let’s say it altogether.
(slow) eih elli fi al tard?
Once more:
eh elli fi al tard?
It’s a good idea to look up the names of things you want to send in a dictionary to be able to answer.
Prepare to hear the question “Do you want to send it priority or normal?”
mesta’gel wala ‘adi?
Let’s break it down:
(slow) mesta’gel wala ‘adi?
Once more:
mesta’gel walla ‘adi?
مستعجل ولّا عادي؟
The first word mesta’gel ,means “urgent”.
(slow) mesta’gel.
walla means “or”.
(slow) walla.
Next, add the word ‘adi, “normal”.
(slow) ‘adi.
It literally means “normal or urgent?”
Altogether, we have:
(slow) mesta’gel walla ‘adi?
mesta’gel walla ‘adi?
Just answer “urgent” or “normal”. So that’s either:
mesta’gel - “urgent”
‘adi - “normal”
Easy, right?
We recommend you check the rules for what you can send abroad from Egypt on the Egyptian Post website. The website address of the Egyptian post is egyptpost.org You can also click on the English version.
Alternatively, you can ask at the post office itself.