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Lesson Transcript

In the previous lesson, we covered how to ask where things are. In this lesson, we’ll introduce you to another useful phrase for finding the place you need. This lesson’s phrase is “Is there a (place) near here?”
First, we need a place. Let’s use the word mostashfaa which means “hospital"
(slow) mostashfaa.
In Egyptian Arabic, “Is there a hospital near here?” is
fi mostashfaa orayyeb men hena?
Let’s break it down:
(slow) fi mostashfaa orayyeb men hena?
Once again:
fi mostashfaa orayeb men hena?
في مستشفى قريب من هنا؟
The first word, fi , can be translated in English as “there is”
(slow) fi.
Next comes mostashfaa (“a hospital”).
Slow version - mos-tash-faa
Normal speed - mostashfaa
After that comes “orayyeb men hena”
orayyeb means “near”
men means “from”
hena means “here”
, so these 3 words together mean “around” or “near here”
(slow) orayeb men hena.
orayeb men hena.
All together, it’s
fi mostashfaa orayyeb men hena?
Do not forget to add at the beginning the polite expression law samaht (“excuse me”).
Replace the word mostashfaa with any other word and your question will look good.
Imagine that you need to withdraw some money from your bank account.
In Egyptian Arabic, “Is there an ATM near here?” is
fi ATM orayyeb men hena?
في أيه تي إم قريب من هنا؟
The only word that changes is the thing you are looking for, in this case ATM.
(slow) ATM.
(slow) fi ATM orayyeb men hena?
fi ATM orayyeb men hena?
The word ATM stays the same in Egyptian Arabic.