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Lesson Transcript

In this lesson we’ll talk about a very useful phrase meaning “I don’t understand.” It is useful, of course, because many times you won’t immediately pick up on what people are saying.
In Egyptian Arabic, “I don’t understand” is
mesh fahem.
Let’s listen to the phrase one more time:
(slow) mesh fahem.
mesh fahem.
If you are a female, you should say fahma instead of fahem.
So it would be:
mesh fahma
(slow) mesh fahma
mesh fahma
Limited knowledge of the Egyptian Arabic language may be one of the reasons for not understanding. In this case you can say..
ana mesh batkallem ʿarabi.
It means “I don’t speak Arabic”
Let’s listen to the phrase once again.
(slow) ana mesh batkallem ʿarabi.
ana mesh batkallem ʿarabi.
Let’s break it down. The first word ana means “I”
The second word mesh means “don’t” or “not”.
(slow) mesh.
Next we have batkallem, a conjugated form of the verb translated as “to understand.”
(slow) batkallem.
And the last word ʿarabi means “ Arabic”
(slow) ʿarabi.