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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Hello all I have recently singed up and having a great time with a lot of the resources. I appreciate the effort arabicpod101.com staff have put in.. I have couple of issues though: 1) the lessons i have completed so far has words that are NOT used in modern standard Arabic. one example from todays lesson is the word "two" - "juj" - as far as I am aware "two" is "ithnayn" in MSA. Could you clarify why "juj" is used instead of "ithnayn" in the standard Arabic section. Is "juj" Moroccon way of saying "two" - if so it should be corrected in the Lesson Notes with other words used in similar ways. 2) Audio Lessons/Lesson Notes do not include the vowels at the end of each word. Is it possible to put the vowels at least in the Lesson Notes. Thank you once again for your help. Serkan :grin:

Sunday at 02:36 AM
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Dear Serkan, Kelly and Oscar,

Thank you for comments. This lesson is survival phrases in Moroccan dialect. So there would be many differences to Standard Arabic. You are all correct of course, 2 in Standard Arabic is " ithnan ", but its different in Moroccan. You will find other lessons here that will suit your exact needs, as we cover different written and spoken Arabic dialects !

Best of luck, let us know i fyou have any mroe questions or comments !