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Lesson Transcript

Mustu: Mustu here! Arabic Pronunciation Series Lesson 2 - Arabic Alphabet
Mustu : Hello, and welcome to the Pronunciation Series at ArabicPod101.com, where we study Arabic in a fun, educational format!
Hala : So, brush up on the Arabic that you started learning long ago, or start learning today.
Hala: Thanks for being here with us for this lesson.
Mustu: So Hala, what are we covering today?
Hala: In the previous lesson, we spoke about the dark letters.
Mustu: Yes, you said there were four of them, and they are very similar to four “soft” letters in Arabic.
Hala: Correct, the first paid was “sīn, ṣād.”, and the second was dāl, and ḍād
Mustu: Great, so what are the other two we will learn today?
Hala: First we have “ṭ”
Mustu: Can you please repeat it?
Hala: “ṭ”, Mustu, can you figure out what is the soft letter for this one?
Mustu: Well, I would say the “ T.”
Hala: And that is correct, so we have “ta” and “ṭa.”
Mustu: Can you give us some examples please?
Hala: Sure, “tāb” and “ṭāb” ( repeated slowly )
Mustu: Let me try it, “tāb” and “ṭāb.”
Hala: Well done Mustu, lets try two more words “tābiʿ” and “ṭābiʿ”, also “tal” and “ṭal”
Mustu: So, it’s the soft “ta” and the dark “ṭa” as in “tal” and “ṭal”.
Hala: Great job Mustu!
Mustu: So what is the last of the dark letters?
Hala: That would be “ẓ “ which is a dark letter for …
Mustu: za
Hala: Great!, “za” and “ẓa”!
Mustu: I have to admit Hala, this is the trickiest one yet!
Hala: It’s the same principle. Deep sound, soft sound, like air is just floating out of your mouth.
Mustu: Some examples would make it more clear!
Hala: And examples it is. First we have “zāhir” and “ẓāhir”
Mustu: Let me try that “zāhir” and “ẓāhir”
Hala: Nicely done Mustu, another set of words are “zuhūr” And “ẓuhūr.”
Mustu: Well, these 2 are much easier!
Hala: So go for it, give it a try!
Mustu: “zuhūr” And “ẓuhūr”
Hala: Well, you’re becoming an expert!
Mustu: Still a long way to be there, but I’m on the right track for sure!
Hala: Before we go, we want to tell you about a way to drastically improve your pronunciation.
Mustu: The voice recording tool...
Hala: Yes, the voice recording tool in the premium learning center...
Mustu: Record your voice with a click of a button,
Hala: and then play it back just as easily.
Mustu: So you record your voice, and then listen to it.
Hala: Compare it to the native speakers...
Mustu: And adjust your pronunciation!
Hala: This will help you improve your pronunciation fast!
Mustu: Thank you for listening!