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Lesson Transcript

M1: أهلا بكم
Munia: Munia here. Newbie Series Lesson 11 – “I want tea, please.” Hello and welcome back to the ArabicPod101.com, the fastest, easiest and most fun way to learn Arabic.
Yasin: I’m Yasin and I’m joined by Munia. مرحبا, Munia.
Munia: أهلا, Yasin. Hello, Yasin. Ok, can you tell us what we’ll be looking at today?
Yasin: Of course. The focus of this lesson is to learn how to make a simple order at a coffee shop. We’ll learn how to say “I want tea, please” or “I want coffee”.
Munia: Now that’s very useful. Not only we’re going to understand what the waiter asks us when he says “What would you like to drink?” or “Would you like something else?”, but will also be able to respond.
Yasin: This conversation takes place at a coffee shop. The conversation will be in formal Arabic. Ok. Some of you may already know about a powerful tool that will significantly improve your listening ability and pronunciation.
Munia: With the line by line audio, simply click on the flash button and listen to recordings of native Arabic again and again until every word and syllable becomes clear. Basically, we break down the dialogue into comprehensible, bite-sized sentences.
Yasin: This feature is located in the Premium Learning Center at ArabicPod101.com and is one of the most effective tools in our system.
Munia: Ok. Let’s listen to today’s conversation.
Yasin: ماذا تريدين أن تشربي؟
Munia: أريد شاي من فضلك
Yasin: هل ترغبين بشيء آخر
Munia: لا شكرا
Munia: One time, slowly.
Yasin: ماذا تريدين أن تشربي؟
Munia: أريد شاي من فضلك
Yasin:هل ترغبين بشيء آخر
Munia: لا شكرا
Munia: Now, with the translation.
Yasin: ماذا تريدين أن تشربي؟ What would you like to drink?
Munia: أريد شاي من فضلك I want tea, please?
Yasin: هل ترغبين بشيء آخر Would you like something else?
Munia: لا شكرا No, thank you.
Munia: I am a tea person, really.
Yasin: Like most Moroccans. Most social life takes place around a cup of tea.
Munia: And not just any tea. It’s green tea with fresh mint. When you say شاي or “tea” in Arabic, at a coffee shop, the waiter automatically understands Moroccan green tea.
Yasin: Making good tea is considered an art form.
Munia: And drinking it with friends is an important ritual of the day.
Yasin: If you visit family or friends, the first thing they will serve you is a cup of mint tea.
Munia: Not doing so would be considered rude. And not drinking it would also be considered rude.
Yasin: So you might end up being served tea several times a day.
Munia: Let’s take a look at the vocabulary for this lesson .النّادل
Yasin: The waiter.
Munia: النّادلة . النَّادِلْ
Yasin: The waitress.
Munia: ماذا تريدين أن تشربي؟ . النَّادِلَة
Yasin: What would you like to drink? – said to a woman.
Munia: ماذا تريد أن تشرب؟ . مَاذَا تُرِيدِينْ أَنْ تَشْرُبِي؟
Yasin: What would you like to drink? – said to a man.
Munia: أَرَادَ . مَاذَا تُرِيدُ أَنْ تَشْرُبْ؟
Yasin: To want.
Munia: أريد . أَرَادَ
Yasin: I want.
Munia: تريد . أُرِيدُ
Yasin: You want – said to a man.
Munia: تريدين . تُرِيدُ
Yasin: You want – said to a woman.
Munia: تريدان . تُرِيدِينْ
Yasin: You want – said to two people.
Munia: تريدون . تُرِيدَانْ
Yasin: You want – said to a group of people.
Munia: أريد شاي من فضلك . تُرِيدُونْ
Yasin: I want tea, please.
Munia: أريد قهوة من فضلك . أُرِيدُ شَايْ مِنْ فَضْلِكْ
Yasin: I want coffee, please.
Munia: نريد شاي . أُرِيدُ قَهْوَة مِنْ فَضْلِكْ
Yasin: We want tea.
Munia: هل ترغبين بشيء آخر . نُرِيدُ شَايْ
Yasin: Would you like something else? – said to a woman.
Munia: هل ترغب بشيء آخر . هَلْ تَرْغَبِينْ بِشَيْءْ آخَرْ
Yasin: Would you like something else? – said to a man.
Munia: شيء . هَلْ تَرْغَبُ بِشَيْءْ آخَرْ
Yasin: Thing, something.
Munia: شَيْءْ . Let’s have a closer look at the usage for some of the words and phrases from this lesson.
Yasin: The first word we’ll look at is النّادل. While not mentioned in the dialogue, it’s the masculine word for “the waiter”.
Munia: Following the basic rule of masculine and feminine forms, the waitress is النّادلة.
Yasin: Now, how do we call a wait staff?
Munia: من فضلك , literally “please”. But we also use it to say “excuse me” when calling a waiter.
Yasin: In the dialogue, من فضلك . أريد شاي من فضلك here means “please”.
Munia: The next word we’d like to look at is شيء . Not to be confused with شاي, the word for “tea”.
Yasin: شيء means “thing” in Arabic. And depending on its context, it can mean “something” or “anything”.
Munia: In the dialogue, هل ترغبين بشيء آخر, “Would you like something else?”
Yasin: When preceded with the word أي , for example, أي شيء , it means “anything”.
Munia: Last, we would like to talk about ترغبين and تريدين.
Yasin: ترغبين means “you would like” and تريدين means “you want”, although we can use them interchangeably sometimes.
Munia: ماذا تريدين؟. What do you want?
Yasin: ماذا ترغبين؟ What would you like?

Lesson focus

Munia: Today we’d like to cover the phrase “What would you like to drink?” ماذا تريدين أن تشربي؟
Yasin: It’s a phrase used to ask a woman. We learned how to use the phrase in the masculine, dual and plural forms.
Munia: The first word, ماذا , means “what”.
Yasin: The second word, تريدين , means “you want” when addressing a woman. It comes from the verb أراد , “to want”.
Munia: When talking to a man, we say تريد.
Yasin: When talking to two people, we say تريدان.
Munia: And to a group of people, we say ماذا تريدون؟ . تريدون .
Yasin: Now, the tricky part is the second verb in the phrase, “to drink”, which unlike English needs also to be conjugated in Arabic.
Munia: تشربي . ماذا تريدين أن تشربي؟ means “you drink”. It comes from the verb شرب.
Yasin: When addressing a man, we say ماذا تريد أن تشرب؟.
Munia: In the dual form, ماذا تريدان أن تشربا؟.
Yasin: And finally, ماذا تريدون أن تشربوا .
Munia: The answer to this question is much more simple. “I want tea” is أريد شاي.
Yasin: Or if you’re a coffee drinker, like me, you say أريد قهوة .
Munia: In the dual or plural form, we both say نريد قهوة . نريد شاي.
Yasin: Follow it with the word for “please”, من فضلك.


Munia: That just about does it for today. Drastically improve your pronunciation with the Voice Recording Tool in the Premium Learning Center.
Yasin: Record your voice with the click of a button and play back what you record just as easily.
Munia: مع السّلامة
Yasin: إلى اللّقاء

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