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Lesson Transcript

Hi [سلام (salam)] Welcome to Arabic weekly words and let’s find out this week’s topic. It’s Arts [الفن (al fann)]
first word is
[رسم] (rsam) it’s to draw
أنا ما كنعرفش نرسم
’anâ mâ kanaʻrfsh nrsam.
I don’t know how to draw. I am so bad at drawing.
Next word is
[صبغ] to paint [صبغ (Sbagh)]
it’s almost the same word in Darija ṣabagha
ولادها كيعجبهم يصبغو... عزيزة عليهم
wlâdha kayʻjbhum ySbghû... ʻzîza ʻlîhum SSibâgha.
her kids like to paint, they love painting.
Next word
3.فرشاة الصباغة
[شيتة صباغة] paint brush.
In Darija, we say [شيتة د صباغة (shîtat Sbâgha)] is the word that we use in Darija for all the kinds of brush like hair brush, even for the broom, we say
عندي الصباغة ولكن ما عنديش شيتة ... ما
يمكنش لي نرسم
ʻndî SSbâgha walakin mâ ʻandîsh shîta ... mâ ymknsh liyya nrsam.
I have paint but I don’t have any paint brushes, I can’t draw.
Next word
4.منحو ت
[منحو ت] its sculpture.
Yeah [منحو ت(manHût)] or [منحوتة (manḥūta)] is a sculpture. Yeah we say [منحوتة (manḥūta)]
مشيت لواحد المتحف كانو فيه شي منحوتا ت
زوينين بزاف
mshît lwâHd lmtHaf kânû fîh shî manHutât zwînîn bzzâf.
I went to this museum that had beautiful sculptures.
[لوحة] painting.
Sometimes in Darija, we say [lawHa] the same word as Fusa but sometimes we use the French word. We say [tableau] which means painting.
يمكن ... مونا ليزا هي أشهر لوحة ف العالم
ymkan... mônâlîzâ hiya ’ashhar lawHa f lʻâlam.
I think the Monalisa painting is the most famous painting in the world, I guess.
Yeah that was it. Thank you for joining us and I will see you next week [بسلامة (bslama)]