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Lesson Transcript

[سلام(salam)] Welcome to Arabic weekly words again with me Chaima. Let’s find out together this week’s topic. Its politics [السياسة (assyasa)] nice yeah. In Moroccan Arabic, we say [السياسة (ssyasa)] and let’s get started.
First word is
[بلد] (balad) it means country.
With this word, I would say this sentence
المغرب أجمل بلد ف العالم
almaghrib ’ajmal balad f lʻâlam.
Morocco is the most beautiful country in the world, I think.
Next word is
[ملك] it means king and
we have the same word in Darija. malik
محمد السادس هو ملك المغرب
muHammad ssâdis huwa malik lmaghrib.
Mohammed the 6th is the king of Morocco.
Next word,
3.الوزير الاو ل
[الوزير الاو ل] (lwazîr l’awwal) the prime minister.
We say the same expression in Moroccan Arabic Darija and the sentence with this would be
ف الحكومة القديمة ديال المغرب كان عندن ا
وزير أول،داباعندنا رئيس الحكومة
f lHukûma lqdîma dyâl lmaghrib kân ʻndnâ wazîr ’awwal, dâbâ ‘ndnâ ra’îs lHukûma.
In the old Moroccan government, we used to have prime minister, now we have the president of the government.
Next word
4.البرلما ن
[البرلما ن (lbarlamân] parliament.
They are almost the same on like [برلما ن (barlaman)] parliament and we use the same word in Darija.
قبة البرلمان المغربي كاينة ف العاصمة الرباط
qubbat lbarlamân lmaghribî kâyna f lʻâSima rrbâT.
The Moroccan parliament is in the capital Rabat.
Next word,
5.إنتخابا ت
[إنتخابا ت] (’intikhâbât) Elections.
فالولايات المتحدة الأمريكية كايكونو إنتخابات رئيس جديد كل أربع سنين
f lwilâyât lmuttaHida lʾamrîkiyya kaykûnû ’intikhâbât raʾîs jdîd kull ’arbaʻ snîn.
In the United States of America, they have elections for a new president every four years, right.
That was it, thank you for joining us and I will see you next week [بسلامة(bslama)]

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