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Lesson Transcript

[سلام (salam)] Welcome to Arabic weekly words. It’s me Chaima again and let’s find out this week’s topic. It’s cooking [الطبخ (attabkh)] in Darija, we would say same word [الطبخ] let’s get started.
First word is
1.طبخ في الفرن
[طيب ف الفرا ن] it’s to bake
[طيب ف الفرا ن] literally translates to cook in the oven. In Darija, we would say Tayyab f lfrrân
هاد الكيكة خاصها طيب ف الفران على 160 درجة مئوية
hâd lkîka khâShâ TTîb f lfrrân ʻlâ mya w sttîn daraja mi’awiyya.
So this cake has to be baked in the oven at 160 degrees. That was hard to say.
Next word
[فران] and it means oven and
we say in Darija [frrân] the close form and
كايبان لي خاصني فران جديد
kâybân liya khâSnî frrân jdîd.
I think I need a new oven.
Next word,
ingredients [مقادير].
In Darija, we say the same word. We say maqâdîr
بغيت نصاوب ديك الكيكة ولكن تنساو عل ي
المقادير ديالها
bghît nSâwb dîk lkîka walakin tnsâw ʻliyya lmaqâdîr dyâlhâ.
I want to make that cake but I forgot the ingredients.
Next word
[قلى] it’s to fry and
in Darija, it’s the same word. It’s [قلى(qlâ)]
قلى بزاف ت الحوت و عرض علينا
qlâ bzzaf t lHût w ʻrD ʻlînâ.
he fried so much fish and invited us. Sounds good.
Next word is
[شاف] it means chef.
It means chef or cook. In Darija, we say chef as sometimes we say [châf] also same word as
ف هاد الفندق كاين واحد الطباخ كبير،الماكل ة
عندو زوينة بزاف
fhâd lfunduq kâyn wâHd Tbbâkh kbîr, lmâkla ʻndû zwîna bzzâf.
In this hotel, there is a very good chef. The food is great.
Next word, there is no next word. Thank you for joining us for Arabic weekly words and I will see you next week [بسلامة(bslama)]