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Lesson Transcript

Hi welcome to Arabic weekly words and let’s find out this week’s topic. It’s something all girls are crazy about, it’s shopping. Shopping is – you know in Fusa its [التسوق (attasawuq)] but in Darija, we say just [نتقداو (ntqedaw)] is like to go shopping and that is to buy things.
First word is
[تخفيضا ت] sales.
We have the same word in Darija, we say takhfîDât
كنمشي نشري لحوايج غي فاش كايكون و
kanmshî nshrî lHwâyj ghî fâsh kâykûnû ttakhfîDât.
I only buy clothes when there are sales.
Next word
2. إشترى
[إشترى (ishtara)] is to buy and
in Moroccan Arabic Darija we say [شرى (shrâ)] that close
يالاه شرى دار و طوموبيل جديدة
yâllâh shrâ dâr w Tômôbîl jdîda.
He just bought a house and a new car.
Next word
[ساوم] is to bargain.
In Darija, we say [تاوا (tâwâ)] a good sentence with this would be
إلا مشيتي للسوق ف مراكش ضروري خاص ك
’ilâ mshîtî lssûq f mrrâksh Darûrî khâSSk tâwâ
if you go to shops in Marrakesh, you really have to bargain. And
next word is
4.مركز تجاري
[المول] it means mall and
in Moroccan Darija, we could just say [المول (lmôl)] just an English word
ف مراكش تحلو بزاف ديال لمول مؤخرا
fmrrâksh tHallû bzzâf dyâl limôl mu’akhkharan.
Recently in Marrakesh, many, many new malls often opened (0:01:22).
Next word,
market. Market or [سوق(sûq)] it means market and
it’s the same word in Arabic. In Morocco, when we say [sūq] it could be like a market for clothes and market for like vegetables and fruits and market like anywhere where you can buy stuff.
هي خاصها بزاف تلحوايج خاصها تمشي للسوق دابا
hiya khâShâ bzzâf t laHwâyj khâShâ tmshî lssûq dâbâ.
She needs a lot of things. She has to go to the market now.
That was the serial words for shopping. Thank you for joining us and I will see you next week [بسلامة( bslama)]