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Lesson Transcript

[سلام (salam)] This is Chaima again. Welcome to Arabic weekly words and let’s find out this week’s topic travel [السفر (al safar)] traveling.
First word is
[سوڭ] means to drive.
In Moroccan Arabic, we say sûg
هو كايسوڭ مزيان دانا من مراكش للدا ر
البيضاء ف جوج سوايع و نص
huwa kaysôg mzyân dânâ mn mrrâksh lddâr lbîDâ f jûj t swâyaʻ w noSS.
He is a good driver, he took us from Marrakesh to Casablanca and it took only two hours and half.
Next word,
ركب ف الطيار ة to fly.
We don’t really have like a translation for that but we say [أخد الطائرة (akhada aṭṭa’ira)] which literally translates to take the plane but in Moroccan Arabic Darija we say [rkb f TTyyâra] like he was on the plane.
هو ما كيحملش يسوڭ كياخد الطيارة ديما
huwa mâ kayHmlsh ysôg kayâkhd TTayyâra dîmâ
He doesn’t like to drive, he flies all the time.
Next word
which means suitcase and in Moroccan Arabic again, we use a French word which is [صاك (Sâk)]
هي كانت مسافرة غي يومين و كانو عندها
جوج صكان
hiya kânt msâfra ghî yûmayn w kânû ʻndhâ jûj Sikân.
She was traveling only for three days and she had two suitcases, weird.
Next word
[تيكي] means ticket.
Sometimes in Moroccan Arabic, we’d say the French word which is [billet] but we also say ticket ticket
أنا مسافرة السمانا الجايا و مازال ما شري ت
التيكي ديال الطيارة
’anâ msâfra ssimânâ jjâyâ w mâzâl mâ shrîth tîkî dyâl TTayyâra.
I am traveling next week and I haven’t bought the plane ticket yet.
Next word
[وصل] is to arrive and
we almost have the same words in Darija. We say wsal
الطيارة ديالو وصلت معطلة بزاف،كان خاصو يوصل مع 12 و وصل مع 3
TTayyâra dyâlû wSlât m‘aTTla bzzâf, kân khâSû yûwSal m‘a TTnâsh wSl mʻa thlâta.
His plane was really late. He was expected to arrive at 12 and he arrived at 3.
That was it. Thank you for joining us and I will see you next week, [بسلامة (bslama)] bye bye.