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Lesson Transcript

Hi I am Chaima, welcome back to Arabic weekly words and let’s find out this week’s topic. It’s gardening. In Arabic, it’s [البستنة (albastana)] what’s the word for it in Darija. We will say the French word again [jardinage]. Yeah so let’s get started.
The first word
[حديقة] is garden.
Well in Darija, we say the same word [Hadîqa].
I am going to use the plural of this word in a sentence. The plural is [حدائق ] (ḥadā'iq). I am going to say
مدينة مرّاكش فيها حدائق بزّاف.
madînat murrâkush fîhâ Hadâ’iq bzzâf.
Marrakesh has many gardens.
Next word
[غرس] is to plant.
In Darija, we say [ghris]
ماكرهش نغرس شي وريدات ف جّردة ديالي ف
دّار عندي.
makrahsh nighris shî wrîdât fi jjarda dyâlî fi ddâr ‘ndî.
I would like to plant flowers in the garden at my house.
Next word is
[ورود] is flowers.
Some people use [ورود (ward)] some other people use [ورد (ward)] and it’s the word we use in Darija
فاش مشيت نشوفها ف صّبيطار دّيت ليها بوك ي
ديال الورد.
fâsh mshît nshûfhâ fi SbîTâr ddît lîhâ bûkî dyâl lward.
When I went to visit her at the hospital, I brought her flower bouquet.
Next word
[حصد] to harvest.
In Darija, we say [HSad] and there is a good saying. We say
من جدّ وجد و من زرع حصد.
man jadda wajada wa man zara‘a HaSada.
the same is, literally, who is serious would reach something by the end and who planted the things would harvest them.
It’s just to say like if you are working hard, you get something by the end.
Next word is
[بذور] seeds.
In Darija, I guess we say the same word [budhûr] the farmer – we used that word before
الفلاّح خصّو البدور بش يبدى يزرع.
lfallâH khaSû lbudûr bash ybdâ yzra‘.
the farmer needs the seeds – he needs the seeds to start working or to start planting.
That was it, thank you for joining us and I will see you next week [بسلامة (bslama)]