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Lesson Transcript

Hi it’s Chaima again. Welcome to Arabic weekly words and let’s find out together this week’s topic. It’s being sick, oh poor! I am just going to call that in Arabic
مريض \ مريض ة
being sick. It’s bad, it’s never fun.
[mrîD ] or [mrîDa] for the female word sick. We have the same word in Darija
كانت مريضة بزاف ما قدراتش تمشي للمدرسة
kânt mrîDa bzzaf mâ qidrâtsh timshî lilmadrasa.
she was really sick, she couldn’t go to school.
Next word
[كحبة] cough.
In Darija, we say [kuHba]
الوليد الصغير كانت عندو الكحبة، كان خاصن ا
نديوه للصبيتار
lwliyad SSghîr kânt ʻindû lkuHba, khaSna niddiwuh lSSbîTâr..
the baby (0:00:38) had a cough and we had to take him to the hospital.
Next word
[رض] it means to vomit and in Fusa or in Darija, we say [radd]
هي كلات بزاف ... حتى رضات
hiya klât bzzâf... Httâ riddât..
She ate a lot, so she vomited.
Next word
[عطس (ʻṭs)] or [عطس(ʻaṭasa)] in Fusa, to sneeze and in Darija, we say the same word but we say it this way [عطس] instead of [عطس] we say [عطس].
المسلمين فاش كيعطسو كيڭولو "الحمد لله"
lmislmîn fâsh kayiʻtsû kaygûlû alHamdu lillah.
When Muslims sneeze they say "al hamdu
Next word
[دوا] medicine. In Fusa, we say dwâ
عافاك شوف واش خدات دواها
ʻâfâk shûf wâsh khdât dwâhâ.
please make sure she took her medicine.
Next word, oh that was it. Bye, I will see you next week.