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Lesson Transcript

Hi it’s me again. Welcome to Arabic weekly words and let’s find out this week’s topic together. This week’s topic is negative adjectives [النعوت السلبية (al nu3ut al ssilbya) ]. In Darija, we would say [النعوت الخيبة (annu3ut el khayba)] maybe. Let’s get started.
First word is
[ مقلقة] or [مقلق ] it means sad.
In Darija, we would say [mqallaq] like [mqallqa] I am not happy.
هو كان مقلق بزاف حنت ماماه و باباه مسافرين
huwa kân mqallaq bzzâf Hint mâmâh w bâbâh msâfrîn..
He was really sad because his parents are travelling(0:00:33).
Next word
[صعيب \ صعيب ة] it means difficult
and in Darija, we have a very close word to the Fusa word.
We say [S‘îb ] we say [S‘îba] for female
لبارح كان الإمتحان صعيب بزاف
lbâraH kân l’imtiHân Sʻîb bzzâf..
Yesterday the exam was really hard.
Next word
[خيب \ خيب ة] it means ugly.
In Darija, we say [khâyb ] or [khâyba].
حتى واحد ما خايب
Htta wâHd mâ khâyb..
No one is ugly.
Next word
[مسخ ة] or for female [مسخ] it means dirty and
in Darija, we say [mussakh/ musskha] they are also very close.
So حوايجي مسخين،خاصني نبدلهم
Hwâyjî mmusskhîn khaSnî nbaddalhum..
my clothes are dirty, I need to change.
Next word
[ شرير ] for female [ شرير ة ] it means mean.
In Darija, we say [khâyb ] or [khâyba] for female. So like mean and ugly [are related] in Darija
خوها ماشي ضريف،هو خايب بزاف
khûhâ mâshi Driyyif, huwa khâyb bzzâf..
Her brother is not nice, he is very mean.
Next word, ah there is no next word. All right I will see you next week.