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Lesson Transcript

[سلام عليكم (salam 3alikoum)] My name is Chaima. Welcome to Arabic weekly words again. Let’s find out today’s or this week’s topic. Moroccan or famous Moroccan foods. [أكل مغربية مشهورة (‘ukal maghribya mashhoura)]
First word of course
[طاجين] who comes to Morocco and doesn’t get that?
[Tâjîn] we say the same word in [فصحة (fusḥa)] and
Darija and foreign people use also the same word
الطاجين المفضل عندي هو طاجين اللح م
TTâjîn lmufaDDal ʻindî huwwa Tâjîn llHam bilbarqûq..
My favorite [ṭajīn] is beef and prunes with some onion stew.
Next word
[بسطيلة] this word means
[bsTîla] it’s a good thing
ف المغرب عندنا بسطيلة بالدجاج و بسطيل ة
flmaghrib ʻindna bsTîla bddjâj w bsTîla blHût..
In Morocco, we have Chicken pastilla which is sweet and Fish pastilla which is also great.
Next word
[كسكس] kuskus of course you know this word couscous
ف المغرب كناكلو كسكس كل جمعة
flmaghrib kanâklû kusksu kulla jimʻa..
In Morocco, we eat couscous every Friday, not every day.
Next word
[طنجية] Tanjiyya I am not translating because they are the same words in Fusa and Darija English.
الطنجية هي أكلة مراكشية بامتياز
TTanjiya hiya ’ukla marrakshiya bi’mtiyâz..
is a Moroccan dish.
Next word is
[حرير ة] means soup but like Moroccan soup is called [Hrîra].
In Ramadan, we have [Hrîra] every day.
ف رمضان كنشربو الحريرة كل نهار
f ramDân kanshrbû lHrîra kull nhâr..
That was it for food.
I will see you next week [بسلامة(bslama)].


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Which word do you like the most?

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Friday at 03:05 PM
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Hi Miki,

Thank you for your question! I believe the verb


is the most commonly used verb in that context.


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Tuesday at 02:53 AM
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Nice lesson, I think my favorite of them is harira! Does Chaima say that in ramadan they "drink"/ka-nashrabu the soup everyday?

and do you also use in the Moroccan dialect the verb "sharaba" for cigarettes and nargila as well? Because in the Gulf and Levatine dialect, which I studies before, they always "drink nargila" :)

btw, I think Chaima is doing a good job, she has very positive vibes and for me the speed is not too fast - that's (unfortunately for learners) how Moroccans talk in every day life 😆

Sunday at 10:20 PM
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Hi B,

Thank you for posting.

You can adjust the video lesson speed by clicking on the ‘1x’ button next to the volume control icon (you can choose either 0.75x or 0.5x to slow it down).

And please download the [Lesson Notes] PDF by clicking on the disk icon below the lesson's title and selecting [Lesson Notes] to save it in your PC or device. The PDF has the lesson's sentences written in page 2 for your reference.

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talks too fast, please translate whole sentence!

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Hi Ulrike,

That's very exciting! I'm totally jealous :sob:


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Friday at 08:20 AM
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I am hungry now! I will travel to Morocco in June, and I am already very curious about trying all the food!