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Lesson Transcript

[سلام عليكم (salam 3alikoum)] My name is Chaima. Welcome to Arabic weekly words again. Let’s find out today’s or this week’s topic. Moroccan or famous Moroccan foods. [أكل مغربية مشهورة (‘ukal maghribya mashhoura)]
First word of course
[طاجين] who comes to Morocco and doesn’t get that?
[Tâjîn] we say the same word in [فصحة (fusḥa)] and
Darija and foreign people use also the same word
الطاجين المفضل عندي هو طاجين اللح م
TTâjîn lmufaDDal ʻindî huwwa Tâjîn llHam bilbarqûq..
My favorite [ṭajīn] is beef and prunes with some onion stew.
Next word
[بسطيلة] this word means
[bsTîla] it’s a good thing
ف المغرب عندنا بسطيلة بالدجاج و بسطيل ة
flmaghrib ʻindna bsTîla bddjâj w bsTîla blHût..
In Morocco, we have Chicken pastilla which is sweet and Fish pastilla which is also great.
Next word
[كسكس] kuskus of course you know this word couscous
ف المغرب كناكلو كسكس كل جمعة
flmaghrib kanâklû kusksu kulla jimʻa..
In Morocco, we eat couscous every Friday, not every day.
Next word
[طنجية] Tanjiyya I am not translating because they are the same words in Fusa and Darija English.
الطنجية هي أكلة مراكشية بامتياز
TTanjiya hiya ’ukla marrakshiya bi’mtiyâz..
is a Moroccan dish.
Next word is
[حرير ة] means soup but like Moroccan soup is called [Hrîra].
In Ramadan, we have [Hrîra] every day.
ف رمضان كنشربو الحريرة كل نهار
f ramDân kanshrbû lHrîra kull nhâr..
That was it for food.
I will see you next week [بسلامة(bslama)].