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Lesson Transcript

Hi [سلام عليكم (salam 3alikoum)] welcome to Arabic weekly words. Let’s find out this week’s topic. Moroccan jobs [الوظائف المغربية (al wada’if al maghribya)] In Darija, we would say [لخدامي لمغربية(lkhdami lmeghribya)] is a plural of [خدمة ] is one job. So let’s get started.
First word is
[ممرضة] mumarriDa means nurse and
in [فصحة(fusḥa)] we use the same word but some people prefer to use the French word.
You know Morocco is influenced by the French right.
You’d hear people say [infirmiere] but most people would use – they use [ممرضة (mumarriDa)] the word for [فصحة (fusḥa)].
A good sentence with this would be
اخت كانت ممرضة
khtu kânt mumarriDa..
his sister was a nurse.
Next word
[بوليس ي] a police officer.
The Darija word is [bûlîsî ] it [is close to the] French word.
We don’t have a p in Arabic so we say [bûlîsî ] it’s close to the French word.
ف شارع كانو واقفين جوج بوليس
f shâriʻ kânû waqfîn jûj bûlîs..
On the street, there was two police officers.
Next word
[موظف] male [موظفة ] female.
It means office worker.
We have the same word in Darija, we say [muwaDDaf/muwaDDafa].
والديه كانو بجوج موظفين
wâlidîh kânû bjûj muwaDDafîn..
Both his parents were office workers.
Next word is
[مهند س] or [مهندسة ] and
it means engineer and [muhandis] or
the Darija word is the same word [muhandisa].
A good sentence with this would be
هي كتقرا دابا ، و غادي تولي مهندسة
hiya katqrâ dâbâ, wghâdî twallî muhandisa..
she is studying now and she is going to be an engineer.
Next word
[فلاح \ فلاحة] fallâH/fallâHa means farmer and
there is the same word for Darija.
الوالد ديالو كان فلاح كبير، كان كيصدر الفواكه لبزاف الدول
lwâlid dyâlû kân fallâH kbîr kân kaySaddar lfawâkih lbzzâf dduwal..
His father was a big farmer and he exported fruits to many countries.
See you next week, [بسلامة (besslama)]