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Lesson Transcript

It’s me again. Welcome to Arabic weekly words. Let’s find out this week’s topic. Direction words [كلمات الاتجاهات (kalimat al ittijahat)] or in Moroccan Arabic, we would say [ (littijahat)الاتجاهات] but people use a specific word [نعت (na3t)] is to give directions. It’s a good word to know.
First word is
it means right.
In Darija we say lîman
سير طول و دور عل ليمن غتلقى البنكة
sîr Tûl w dûr ‘al lîman ghatlqâ lbanka..
go straight, turn right and you will find a bank.
Next word
[ليسر] means left.
In Darija, we say [lîsr] they are close اليسار/ليسر A good sentence would be:
the convenience store is on your left
الحانوت جا عل ليسر
lHânût ja ʻal lîsar..
Next word
[طول / نيشا ن] it means straight ahead and
in Darija, we just say [Tôl] but there is also another very common word.
We say [nîshân] like if someone is giving you directions, they would say
سير نيشان
sîr nîshân..
go straight.
Next word
[دار] means to turn. dâr
كان غادي طول... دار عل ليمن ... و هو يدور عل ليسر
kan ghâdî Tûl ... dar ʻal lîman ... w huwa ydur ʻal lîsar..
He was going straight and he turned right and then left.
[قطع] is to cross.
In Darija, we say [qTa‘] literally means to cut but we use it like to like to cross the street
قبل ما تقطع الشنطي، شوف عل ليمن ...شو ف
عل ليسر ...عاد سير
qbal ma tqTa‘ shshanTî shuf ʻal lîman ... shuf ʻal lîsar ... ʻâd sîr..
before crossing the street, look at your right, then at your left and then cross and then go.
Next word [Oh,] that was the end [Bye bye, بسلامة (bslama)] see you next week.