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Lesson Transcript

Hello, welcome to Arabic weekly words. I am Chaima from Morocco and I am going to be hosting your videos. So let’s find out today – not today’s, this week’s topic. Its emotions.
Yeah [مشاعر (macha3ir)] first word is
[فرحانة] or [فرحان]
[farHân/farHâna]female means happy.
In Darija Moroccan Arabic, we say [farHân/farHâna].
A sentence for this word would be
أنا فرحانة اليوم حنت أنا معكم
[’anâ farHâna lyûma Hint ana m‘âkum.]
“I am happy today because I am with you.” That’s true.
Next word is
متفاجىء/متفاجئ ة
We say the same word in Darija [mitfâja’/mitfâj’a] it’s pronounced slightly different like [mitfâja’/mitfâj’a]
A sentence for this would be
كنت متفاجئة فاش تلاقيت معها
[’anâ knt mtfâj’a fâsh tlâqît m‘ahâ.]
I was surprised when I met her.
Next word,
غضبان / غضبان ة
[ghiDbân/ghiDbâna] for female and it means angry.
We have the same word in Darija, we say [ghiDbân/ghiDbâna]
أنا غضبانة حنت خويا ما صوبش الواجب
المدرسي ديالو.
[’anâ ghDbâna Hint khûyâ ma Sawbsh lwâjib lmadrasî dyâlu.]
I am angry because my brother didn’t do his homework.
Next word
متوتر/متوتر ة
[mtwattar/mtwattra] and it is nervous
أنا ماشي متوترة واخا أنا قدام الكامرا
[’anâ mâshî mtwatra wâkhâ ’anâ qddâm lkâmirâ.]
I am not nervous even if I am in front of the camera.
Next word
متحمس/متحمس ة excited
كنت متحمسة بزاف فاش مشيت نتفرج فلماتش
[kint mitHammsa bzzâf fash mshit nitfarraj flmâtsh.]
I was so excited when I went to watch the game.
That was it, so bye bye. [بسلامة (bslama)] See you next week.