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Lesson Transcript

[سلام (salam)] This is Chaima again. Welcome to Arabic weekly words and let’s find out this week’s topic. It’s Moroccan cities [المدن المغربية (al mudun al maghribuya] first city
[الدار البيضا ء] Casablanca.
In Darija, we’d say [ddar lbîDa].
The Fusa word and the Darija word are always close for the names of the cities.
كازا بلانكا مدينة زوينة و لكن فيها الرطوبة
kazablânka mdîna zwîna walakin fîha rruTûba.
Casablanca is a beautiful city but it’s humid.
The word [الدار (addār)] means house and [البيضا ء(al bayḍa’] means white. So it literally means Whitehouse.
Our next city,
[الربا ط] Rabat.
In Darija, we say [rrbâT] or
الرباط هي عاصمة المغرب
rribâT hiya ʻâSimat lmaghrib.
Rabat is the capital of Morocco.
Next city,
[مراك ش] Marrakech.
In Darija, we say [mrrâksh].
بالنسبة لي ، مراكش هي أجمل مدينة ف
binnisba liyya, marrâksh hiya ajmal madîna flmaghrib.
For me, Marrakech is the most beautiful city in Morocco.
Next city
فاس Fes and
we call it the same thing in Darija [fâs]
فاس مدينة قديمة بزاف و غنية ثقافيا
fâs mdîna qdîma bzzâf w ghaniyya thaqafiyyân.
Fes is an old city, it is a very old city and its rich culturally.
Next city
شفشاو ن
Chefchaouen, [shafshâwn] some people in Darija especially people from the Northern Morocco call it [شاون (shawen)] as like [short form] of [شفشاو ن(chefchaouen)]
الناس كايڭولو لشفشاون المدينة الزرقاء
nnâs kaygûlû lshfshâwin almadîna zzarqâ’.
people call Chefchaouen the Blue City.
It’s a beautiful place, yeah. Everyone should try that.
That was it from the Moroccan cities. I will see you next week and thank you for joining us, bye.