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Lesson Transcript

[سلام] Welcome to Arabic weekly words. I am Chaima and let’s discover the theme of this week. The weather [حالة الطقس]. In Darija Moroccan Arabic, we’d say [الجو]. Yeah let’s get started.
First word
[lbarq] means lightning and
in Darija, we would say just [al-barq]
ما عمرني ما شفت البرق
[ma ‘ammarnî shaft lbarq.]
I have never witnessed lightning ever.
Next word
[Sahd] hot.
In Darija, we say either [ṣahd] which means literally hot or
[ṣahd] like uh it’s hot like
ف مراكش ديما كاين الصهد
[f marraksh dîmâ kaykûn SSahd.]
Marrakech is always hot.
America is just always hot in summer yeah to be frank.
Next word
كاين لومدتي
[kâyna lûmiditî/ rTb] humid.
In Darija, we just say like there is humidity which is
[kâyna lûmiditî/ rTb] like we just used the French word and a good sentence with this would be الدار البيضاء مدينة زوينة ولكن لجو فيها رطب or
الدار البيضاء مدينة زوينة ولكن لجو فيه لومدتي .
[ddâr lbîDa mdîna zwîna walakin ljaw fîhâ raTb.]
Casablanca is a beautiful city but it’s humid.
Next word is
كاين الريح
[kâyn rrîH] is windy and
in Darija, we would say – we don’t have a word for that.
So we just say like there is wind like
كاين الريح
[kâyn rrîH] a sentence with this would be
الصويرة كايجي فيها السرف مزيان حنت كاين فيها الريح بزاف.
(SSawîra kayjî fîhâ ssurf mzyân Hint kâyn fîhâ rriH bzzâf.)
So surfing is always good in Essouria because it’s windy.
Next word
(mshammis) is sunny.
For Darija, we’d say [مشمش (mshammis] If you are like this is too [ (merrakchi) مراكشي] in other places in Morocco,
maybe they would say [مشمس (mshammis)] like which is more correct.
في مراكش ديما كيكون النهار مشمش في الصيف
(f marrâksh dîma kaykûn nnhâr mshamms f SSîf.)
Yeah. In Marrakech in summer, the day would be always sunny. Days are always sunny in Marrakech, right. Yeah that was it for our series of words for the weather. Thank you for joining us and I will see you next week. Bye!


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What's the weather today?

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Hi Ulrike,

Thank you again for your detailed feedback! We hope you find what you are looking for in our other lessons!


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Hi, thanks Lena, that looks very interesting! I think it might be exactly what I need, so I will check it out!


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I was quite happy to see you have Darija lessons, as I will be traveling to Morocco in June and wanted to learn a bit of Arabic for that - so this was one of the main reasons I decided to give arabicpod101 a go ... I must say though, that I am kind of disappointed now.

As said by someone below, the sentences are read much too fast for a beginner's course, also the speaker sometimes seems to change her mind about what she wants to say. Additionally, some of the sentences are too long for beginners in my opinion.

Also I am not sure I like the "five words about a topic" approach that much, I would like to learn a bit more about Darija in general - like what are the differences to other forms of Arabic in pronunciation and grammar - and when there are words, I'd be interested in the most common ones, like polite phrases etc. ... As far as I can see those are not the topic of any of the lessons.

It's still useful to have this course, but I very much hope you will make lessons about the topics I mentioned soon!

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Hi Ishfaque,

Thank you! Moroccan Arabic is very interesting, isn't it? It is so different from Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic, and it borrows so many elements from French!


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Hi Marcello,

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not very professional, she should speak slower arabic than english! we are trying to learn arabic. And she should pronounce 1st slowly and the 2nd time, faster

Carol is great and easy to understand,

thanks guys!