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Okay, today’s topic is:
How to Reach Your Goal for the Year - The 7 Long Term Strategies for Success
If you want to learn a language in the new year.
You may be wondering what the best way to do it is… and what resources you need, right? The bad news? You can have the best possible resources in the world… and still fail. Because above all, it’s your approach, your strategies and mindset… that will help you succeed in the long run…. Not the latest new shiny app that just teaches you random words and phrases.
So, today you’ll discover…
The 7 Strategies for Long Term Success
Why People Fail Their Language New Year's Resolutions
And How to Apply These Tips to Your Language Learning Journey in the New Year.
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To get your free resources, click the link in the description below right now. They’re yours to keep forever. Ok, let’s jump into today’s topic:
How to Reach Your Goal for the Year - The 7 Long Term Strategies for Success
So, what are these long term strategies?
Well before we get into it… just keep this in mind.
These tips and strategies won’t be deep, profound quotes that will shake your soul and finally open your eyes. If those worked, you’d be fluent already.
Most tips are very simple… but they only work when you take action. Again, results come from taking action, not listening to wise words.
So, the first strategy for long term success is to keep at it.
And that’s because mastering a language is simply a function of time. The more you put in, the better you will get. Obvious right? But.. if you’re excited to start now, in January, it'll be easy to put in some time.
However, you won’t feel as excited in February, March, or April. You’ll start falling off, you’ll no longer be taking action on this advice… and your language won’t improve.
So, keeping it at is the key to success here and worth repeating no matter how obvious it is. You have to keep at it.
It’s like Einstein said,
“It's not that I'm smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.”
The second strategy is: Try New Things.
You probably downloaded a free app or two to get started… and chances are, you’ll get bored of them within a month or two. Or, you’ll outgrow the basic apps that just teach you words. And that’s normal.
So, that’s why it’s important to try new things… so you can keep going with your language learning.
If you started with an app… try getting a textbook and a workbook. Try learning with our conversational audio and video lessons and follow the pathway from start to finish.
Or, try getting a teacher, whether an in-person teacher or our Premium PLUS teacher that comes with the Premium PLUS plan.
The point is, you’ll find that some methods are easier to stick with than others and that’s the goal - to find something you can stick with long-term… and keep putting that time in.
The third strategy for long term success is... Be flexible with your goals and expectations.
Which is something most people are not. Are you flexible with your goals? Leave us a comment.
Most people - when they realize they won’t hit a goal - they take it as a brutal failure. They beat themselves up. They expected to be fluent by February. They didn’t get what they expected. And they can’t accept anything less... so, for them, it becomes a big failure - and that’s what you want to avoid doing.
But the fact is, Life will get in the way. You might be busy at work or school. You might get sick. Or, whatever other curveball life likes to throw at us. And you won’t learn as fast as you’d like.
So you have to be flexible about your expectations. it’s ok to pause your language learning for now and come back later… it’s ok to miss a goal… and it’s ok to not progress as fast as you’d like. That doesn’t mean you’re failing at it. Some things are outside of your control. It just means you need more time.
The fourth strategy is, Test your language skills.
It’s easy to tap on an app and think you’re learning new words… but what if you aren’t? You don’t know if you’re actually improving, right?
So, the best way to improve is to put your language skills to the test. And that can be anything from… trying speaking to a native speaker to see how far you can go or signing up for a proficiency test.. Anywhere where someone else judges your language skills. Then you can quickly see where you’re lacking.
With our learning system, we test you regularly with multiple choice and hand-graded assessments inside your learning pathway. These assessments test you on the language you’ve learned in your last few lessons… to make sure you’re improving… and retaining what you learn. You know, instead of hearing words once and forgetting them later.
You can also interact with your Premium PLUS teacher who will correct your language and help you improve faster.
And if you want to improve even faster…
The fifth strategy is, involve other people in your learning journey.
And this can be a teacher…. other language learners… or native speakers. When you’re around other people doing the same thing, it’s much easier to stay motivated to learn the language. It’s why nobody successfully works out from the comfort of their own home… and why people go to gyms.
And that’s exactly why we offer live group classes for languages like Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, German and more… to our members.
The sixth strategy for long term success is -- use good old habits to get back on track.
Simply put, if you have a language learning habit that you can stick to... even if it doesn’t give you the best results… the fact that you can stick with it, that by itself is important.
So, if you fall off track and are wondering how to get started again… go back to a routine that works for you. For example, our users love our Free word of the day emails for that very reason. It’s just one word a day in your target language, but it’s easy to stick with… and they feel like they’re making some progress… even on days they’re busy.
And the seventh is, always set small, measurable, monthly goals.
Instead of huge unrealistic goals like “I want to be fluent by July” or “I just want to speak the language.”
These big goals are the #1 cause of failed New Year’s Resolutions.
But, if you make them smaller and more realistic… you can actually start reaching them.
For example, something like “I want to learn 100 words by the end of January.” 100 words is small and realistic enough - that’s 3 to 4 words a day. 100 is also measurable. You’ll always know how close you are to reaching it. And monthly gives you a deadline - end of the month, January 31st - either you hit it or you don’t
Other examples would be… do 30 lessons inside our learning pathway by January 31st…. speak 1 minute of your target language by January 31st… or learn the alphabet by January 31st. What kind of small, measurable goal would you want to set? Leave a comment.
So, let’s recap the 7 strategies for long term success.
Keep at it
Try new things
Be flexible with your goals and expectation
Test your language skills
Involve other people in your language journey
use good old habits to get back on track
Set small, measurable, monthly goals… instead of huge unrealistic goals
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