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Lesson Transcript

Want to finally start speaking in your target language?
In this guide, you'll discover the Top 7 Ways to practice speaking —on your own — with our lessons.
Let’s begin!
Number one: Shadowing
Shadowing is a proven learning technique where all you do is.. repeat what you hear, in order to practice speaking.
So, access any Audio or Video lesson on the site, and press the play button to start.
Then, as you listen or watch, just repeat the conversations. Or even easier, read along, out loud, with the dialog section. The script is right there in front of you.
With our lessons, you can master entire conversations just like that.
Number two: Read out loud.
I just mentioned it but reading out loud is another powerful tactic... and deserves its own mention.
With every lesson, you get written, word-for-word transcripts and translations.
So, as you play the lesson, read the dialog out loud as you hear it.
Why? By reading out loud, you’re also practicing your speaking skills.
You can do this with the lesson notes...
...the lesson transcript...
...or the dialog tool.
With the dialog tool, you can listen to each line again and again
...and repeat out loud until you master them all completely.
Number three: Speed up your reading to speed up your speaking
Fact: Being able to speak without thinking is a sign of language mastery.
If you’re talking to a native and can respond quickly, they’ll assume that you’re fairly fluent.
How can you do this?
When you read... out loud, try increasing your speed, every time.
So, start by reading with the Dialog tool.
If you’re like most learners, you’ll read the first line slowly.
That’s because you’re still getting used to the words – which is okay.
Re-read it. On your second try, you know most of the words and you’ll read a little faster...
Re-read it again. On your third try, you’ll be even faster - at a native speaker’s speed.
And being able to read these phrases, out loud and fast...
...will help you speak fast.
Number four: Record and compare yourself with native speakers
In order to sound like a native speaker... you must imitate native speakers.
So, here's how. Access the voice recorder
...which is in the Dialog study tool in every lesson....
Click on the microphone icon, listen to the native speaker’s audio...
...and then record yourself.
You can then compare the two recordings side by side...
...and practice and try again and again until you perfect your pronunciation.
Number five: Get feedback from our Premium PLUS teacher
...If you're learning by yourself and don't have access to real teachers...
Then, you can always get feedback from our Premium PLUS teachers.
With the My Teacher tool, you can record yourself speaking...
...and send the audio file to the teacher.
They will review it and tell you what to improve and how. That's it.
Number six: Level up your speaking with Premium PLUS Assignments
With Premium PLUS...
You can also get assignments that cover reading, writing, listening, and even speaking from your teacher.
These assignments can be tailored to your goals and needs.
You get a new one every week... Or anytime you are ready for a new one.
Number seven: Get Even More Lessons in the Lesson Library
If you want EVEN more lessons on speaking and conversations,
...visit our Lesson Library, and under “Category,” choose “Conversation.”
You’ll get all of the pathways and lessons that are focused on speaking.
If you enjoyed these tips, hit the “like” button, share it with anyone who's trying to learn a language, and subscribe to our channel. We release new videos every week!
And, if you’re ready to finally learn language the fast, fun and easy way...
..and start speaking from your very first lesson...get our complete learning program...
Sign up for your free lifetime account right now. Click the link in the description.
I'll see you next time.Bye~!