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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I’m Peryhan and this is Egyptian Arabic Weekly Words. So let’s get started with today’s topic. And today’s topic is about home tools.
So the first one we have is…
شريط قياس
(šarīṭ ʾeyās) “tape measure”
And in the dialect, it’s just…
شريط قياس
(šarīṭ ʾeyās)
So for example, you can say…
استخدم شريط القياس عشان تتأكد إن المكتب يقدر يتحط في الأوضة.
(estaḫdem šrīṭ el-ʾyās ʿašān tetʾakked ʾen el-maktab yeʾdar yetḥaṭṭ fī el-ʾūḍah.)
And that in English means “Use tape measure to make sure that the desk can fit into the room.”.
صندوق العدة
(ṣundūʾ el-ʿeddah) “tool box”
صندوق العدة
(ṣundūʾ el-ʿeddah) and that means “tool box” and in the dialect, it’s just
صندوق العدة
(ṣundūʾ el-ʿeddah).
So for example, you can say…
كل بيت لازم يكون في صندوق العدة.
(kul bīt lāzem yekūn fī ṣandūʾ el-ʿeddah.) and that means “Every house must have a tool box.”.
(musmār) “screw”
For example, you can say…
خلي بالك في عالأرض مسمار.
(ḫallī bālak fī ʿālʾarḍ musmār.) “Be careful, there's a screw on the floor.”
(šākūš) “hammer”
and that means “hammer”
And in the dialect, we usually use the word…
And you can say…
إبعد الشاكوش عن متناول الأطفال.
(ʾebʿed el-šākūš ʿan mutanāwal el-ʾaṭfāl.) and that in English means “Keep the hammer away from children's reach.”
(munšār) “saw”
(munšār) and that means “saw”.
So for example, you can say…
المنشار ده مش حاد كفاية.
(ālmunšār dah meš ḥādd kefāyah.) “This saw is not sharp enough.”
And that’s it for today. I hope you liked it. And why don’t you tell us what kind of tools do you have around your house right now and don’t forget to subscribe and check our website. Bye-bye!


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