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Lesson Transcript

Peryhan: Hi everyone, I am Peryhan and this is the Egyptian Arabic weekly words. So what’s today’s topic? Let’s get started. Today’s topic is about personalities and this should be fun.
So for example, you can say…
.المدرسين إللي بيستخدموا أساليب زكية في التعليم محبوبين
ālmudarresīn ʾellī byestaḫdemū ʾasālīb zakeyyah fī el-taʿlīm maḥbūbīn.
And in English that means, “Teachers who use clever methods in teaching are very loved.”
For example, you can say...
.بابايا شخص صارم جداً
bābāīā šaḫṣ ṣārem ǧeddan.
“My dad is very strict.”
For example, you can say…
.لعبة الطيور الغاضبة كانت لعبة مشهورة جداً السنة اللي فاتت
[leʿbeh el-ṭuyuūr el-ġāḍebah kānet leʿbah mašhūrah ǧeddan el-sanah ʾellī fātet.]
And that means “The Angry Birds game was very famous last year.”
“lively” and in the dialect it’s
For example, you can say…
.الأطفال في الحضانة نشيطين جداً
ālʾaṭfāl fī el-ḥaḍānah našīṭīn ǧeddan.
“Kids in the kindergarten are very lively.”
سريع الغضب
بيتعصب بسرعة
“short tempered”
سريع الغضب
or “short tempered” and in the dialect, we usually say..
بيتعصب بسرعة
beyetʿaṣṣab besurʿah
So for example, you can say that:
.الناس اللي بتتعصب بسرعة محتاجة يكون عندها صبر
ālnās ʾellī btetʿaṣṣab besurʿah meḥtāǧah yekūn ʿandahā ṣabr.
That means “Short tempered people need to be more patient.”
That’s it for today. So why don’t you share with us below about your favorite or least favorite personality trait and please don’t forget to subscribe and check out our website. Bye bye.

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