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Lesson Transcript

Peryhan: Hello everyone, I am Peryhan and this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words. So let’s see today’s topic. Today’s topic is about medicine. So let’s get started.
And for example, you can say..
ممكن تاخد اسبيرين لو عندك صداع
yedūʾmumken tāḫud asbīrīn law ʿandak ṣudāʿ.
“You can take Aspirin if you have a headache.”
And in the dialect, it’s
So for example, you can say..
الدكتور قاللي آخد الدوا دا تلات مرات.
ālduktūr ʾālllī ʾāḫud el-daūā dā talāt marrāt.
“The doctor told me to take this medicine three times a day.”
دوا كحة/شراب للسعال
“cough syrup”
And in the dialect, it’s
دوا كحة
dawā kuḥḥah
So for example, you can say...
ممكن تشتري دوا الكحة من غير روشتة.
mumken tešterī daūā el-kuḥḥah men ġīr rūšettah.
And in English, it means “You can buy cough syrup without a prescription.”
So for example, you can say...
لويس باستر أول واحد اكتشف اللقاح.
lūīs bāster ʾawwel wāḥed ektašaf el-leʾāḥ.
And in English, that means “Louis Pasteur was the first one to discover vaccine.”
مضاد حيوي
muḍād ḥayawī
For example, you can say...
لازم تاخد مضاد حيوي للإلتهابات البكتيرية.
lāzem tāḫud muḍād ḥayawī lelʾeltehābāt el-baktīreyyah.
And in English, that means “You should take antibiotics for bacterial infections.”
And that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed our lesson. Why don’t you comment below about your keywords you use when you get sick and don’t forget to subscribe and checkout our website and I will see you next time. Bye bye. I hope you don’t get sick and stay healthy.

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