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Lesson Transcript

Peryhan: Hi everyone, I am Peryhan and this is the Egyptian Arabic weekly words. So let’s see today’s topic.
“to tour
“to tour”
And in the dialect, it’s..
So for example, I can say…
.السياح بيحبو يتفسحو حوالين الأهرامات
ālsuyyāḥ beyḥebbū yetfassaḥū ḥawaālīn el-ʾahrāmāt.
And that means, “Tourists like to tour around the pyramids.”
دليل/دليل سياحي
“guidebook” and in the dialect, it’s basically is the same. We just say...
دليل سياحي
dalīl seyāḥī
“a guidebook”.
For example, you can say...
.من الأفضل إنك تسأل أهل البلد على إنك تقرا الدليل
men el-ʾafḍal ʾennak tesʾal ʾahl el-balad ʿalā ʾennak teʾrā el-dalīl.
That means, “It’s better for you to ask local people than to read the guidebook.”
سايح/ سائح
“tourist” and in the dialect, it’s…
So for example, you can say...
.السايح ده تاه من المجموعة
ālsāyeḥ dah tāh men el-maǧmūʿah.
“This tourist got separated from his group.”
a “palace” and in the dialect, it’s..
For example, you can say…
قصر محمد علي من أجمل قصور مصر
[ʾṣr mḥmd ʿlī mn ʾǧml ʾṣūr mṣr.]
And that means, “Muhammad Ali’s palace is one of the finest palaces in Egypt.”
جدول الرحلة/مخطط الرحلة
مخطط الرحلة
“itinerary” and in the dialect, it’s..
جدول الرحلة
[ǧadwal el-reḥlah]
So for example, you can say...
ممكن تبعتلي جدول الرحلة بالبريد؟
[mmkn tbʿtlī ǧdūl el-rḥlh bālbrīd?]
That means, “Can you please send me the itinerary by mail?”
So that’s, it for today. I hope you liked the lesson. Why don’t you comment below about the key words you use as a tourist in a foreign country and please don’t forget to check out our website.
Bye bye [*] it’s your grandma!