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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Peryhan and this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words. So let’s get started. Today’s lesson is clothing actions. I can barely put my clothes on and now I have to talk about it!
اِرتَدى / يلبس
[airtada / yelbes]
to put on
[airtada] to put on.
And the dialect is يلبس
[yelbes], [yelbes].
أنا هلبس جاكيت النهارده لإن الجو ساقع.
[ʾanā halbes ǧākīt el-nahārdah laʾen el-ǧaw sāʾeʿ.]
I will put on a jacket today because it’s cold
خَلَعَ / يقلع
[haʾlaʿ / yeeʾlaʿ]
to take off
[haʾlaʿ] to take off
or in the dialect, it's خَلَعَ
لما أروح, هقلع جزمتي.
it’s [lammā ʾarawwaḥ, haʾlaʿ ǧazmetī.].
When I go back home, I will take off my shoes.
يَقيس / يقيس
[yaqʾīs / yeʾīs] To try on.
In the dialect, it’s not so different.
The dialect is يَقيس
أنا هقيس البلوزة قبل ماشتريها.
[ʾanā haʾīs el-blūzah ʾabl māšterīhah.]
I will try on the blouse before I buy it.
يُلائِم / يناسب
[yulayim / yenāseb]
To go with
[yulayim] to go with.
In the dialect, it’s better to say يناسب
التيشرت ده يناسب لون عنيك.
[āltīšert dah yenāseb lūn ʿnīk.]
This T-Shirt goes with your eye color
[yeġsel] to wash
أنا بغسل شعري ثلاث مرات في الأسبوع.
[ʾanā baġsel šaʿrī ṯalāṯ marrāt fī el-ʾusbūʿ.]
I wash my hair three times a week.
And that’s it for today. Please comment below your favorite clothing action and try to make a sentence with it. I will see you next time, bye bye.
No, so difficult, oh my god! Why…