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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. I am Peryhan and this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words. Today’s topic is about Crossing Borders. So let’s get started.
And in the dialect, you can use either تأشيرة (taʾšīrah) or visa, they both make sense.
For example, you can say,
لازم أقدم على التأشيرة اسبوعين على الأقل قبل سفري.
(lāzem ʾaʾaddem ʿalā el-taʾšīrah āusbūʿīn ʿalā el-ʾaʾal ʾabl safarī.)
"I have to apply for a visa at least two weeks before my flight."
تصريح إعادة الدخول
(taṣrīḥ ʾeʿādeh el-duḫūl)
And that means,
"re-entry permit"
هل حضرت قبل كده تصريح إعادة دخول؟
(hal ḥaḍḍart ʾabl kedah taṣrīḥ ʾeʿādeh duḫūl?)
"Have you ever prepared a re-entry permit?"
And for example, you can say,
بعض الناس عندهم جنسيتين
(baʿḍ el-nās ʿanduhum ǧenseyytīn)
"Some people hold two nationalities."
جواز سفر
(ǧawāz safar)
أنا محتاجة أجدد جواز سفري السنة الجاية.
(ʾanā meḥtāǧah ʾaǧadded ǧawāz safarī el-sanah el-ǧāyyah.)
"I need to renew my passport next year."
Which means,
For example, you can say,
لازم تعدي على الأمن في المطار.
(lāzem tʿaddī ʿalā el-ʾamn fī el-maṭār.)
Which means,
"You have to go through security at the airport."
And that’s it for today. I hope you like today’s lessons. Why don’t you comment below about the keywords you use while crossing the borders? I will see you next time. Please don’t forget to subscribe. Bye-bye!