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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone. I'm Peryhan. And this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words. So what’s today's lesson? Let's get started. today's lesson is about birds, so let's begin!
(baṭ) "ducks"
So the first word we have is
بط (baṭ)
"ducks”. For example you can say
البط أكله مشهورة جداً في الصين.
(ālbaṭ ʾaklah mašhūrah ǧeddaan fī el-ṣīn.)
"Ducks is a very famous meal in China."
(ḥamāmah) "pigeon"
They just walk as if they own the place.
الحمام أكله مشهورة جداً في مصر, و غالية جداً.
(ālḥamām ʾaklah mašhūrah ǧeddaan fī maṣr, wa ġālyah ǧeddaan.)
"Pigeons is a very famous meal in Egypt, and it's also very expensive."
And in the dialect, we just say
(ferāḫ) فراخ
So for example you can say
لحم الفراخ من أرخص اللحوم.
(laḥm el-ferāḫ men ʾarḫaṣ el-luḥūm.)
"Chicken is one of the cheapest meats."
(ġurāb) "crow"
And for example you can say
الغراب معروف إنه فال وحش بالنسبة لبعض الثقافات.
(ālġurāb maʿrūf ʾennuh fāl weḥeš belnesbah lebaʿḍ el-ṯaʾāfāt.)
“To many cultures, crows are considered to be bad luck."
(nesr) "vulture"
And for example you can say
في نص علم مصر, في نسر صلاح الدين.
(fī nuṣ ʿalam maṣr, fī nesr ṣalāḥ el-dīn.)
"In the middle of the Egyptian flag, there is Salahuddin's vulture."
Salahuddin is a very famous Arabian figure in our history.
And that's it for today, I hope you like the lesson. Why don't you tell us below about whether seagulls can predict storms are not, and your favorite bird. I'll see you next time, don't forget to check out the website. Bye bye.