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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! I’m Peryhan and this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words, so let’s get started with our topics. Today’s topic is about Jobs, and the first one we have is…
(ʾustāḏ) "professor"
عمي أستاذ في جامعة القاهرة.
(ʿammī ʾustāḏ fī ǧāmʿeh el-ʾāherah.)
"My uncle is a professor in Cairo university."
ضابط شرطة
(ḍābeṭ šurṭah) "Police officer"
في مصر, ضباط الشرطة بتلبس أسود في الشتا, و أبيض في الصيف.
(fī maṣr, ḍubbāṭ el-šurṭah betelbes ʾeswed fī el-šetā, wa ʾabyaḍ fī el-ṣīf.)
and that is “In Egypt, Police officers wear black in winter, and they wear white in summer."
(mubarmeǧ) "programmer"
So for example you can say
عشان تبقى مبرمج, لازم تكون ذكي جداً.
(ʿašān tebʾā mubarmeǧ, lāzem tkūn ḏakī ǧeddan.)
"If you want to be a programmer, you have to be very smart."
(muzāreʿ) "farmer"
sometimes in the dialect,
(muzāreʿ) you can also use the word
(falah) and they’re both okay. For example you can say
مأخراً, المزارعين إبتدو يستخدمو تكنولوجيا عالية في الزراعة.
(muʾaḫḫaran, el-muzāreʿīn ʾebtadū yestaḫdemū tuknūlūǧyā ʿālyah fī el-zerāʿah.)
and that means in English "Recently, farmers started using high technology in agriculture."
(mumarreḍah) "nurse"
So for example you can say
الممرضة أخدت بالها مني لما كنت في المستشفى.
(ālmumarreḍah ʾaḫadet bālhā mennī lammā kunt fī el-mustašfā.)
"The nurse took good care of me when I was in the hospital."
And that’s it for today! I hope you like this lesson and why don't you comment below about your profession or the profession you would like to be when you grow up? and forget to check out the website and subscribe. Bye-bye! and subscribe. Bye-bye!