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Lesson Transcript

Peryhan: Hi everyone, I am Peryhan and this is the Egyptian Arabic weekly words. So let’s get on with our topic. Today’s topic is about vegetables. So let’s get started.
baṣal - “onions”.
For example, you can say..
.تقشير البصل بيخليك تعيط
taʾšīr el-baṣal beīḫallīk tʿayyaṭ.
“Peeling onions make you cry”, uh….
-baṭāṭes and that’s “potatoes”.
.في مصر, صينية البطاطس من أشهر المأكولات
fī maṣr, ṣīnyyeh el-baṭāṭes men ʾašhar el-maʾkūlāt.
“In Egypt, Potato casserole is very – is a very famous meal”
And in Egypt, we make potato casserole with potatoes of course and then tomato sauce and meat and you just put it in the oven until it’s sweet and red and hot. Very, very tasty.
- “garlic” or in the dialect it’s
توم- tūm.
And you can say...
.في الأساطير, التوم بيحمي الناس من مصاصين الدماء
fī elʾsāṭīr, el-tūm byeḥmī el-nās men maṣṣāṣīn el-demāʾ, for example.
So in English, it could be usually a myth. “Garlic is used to protect people from vampires.”
- ǧazar - “carrots”
And you can simply say...
.الأرانب بتحب الجزر
ālʾrāneb betḥeb el-ǧazar.
And that means “Rabbits love carrots.”
or in the dialect, it’s
أرنبيط - ʾarnabīṭ and that’s “cauliflower”.
.أنا مبحبش القرنبيط بس بحب آكل بروكولي
ʾanā mabaḥebbeš el-ʾarnabīṭ bas baḥeb ʾākul brūkūlī.
And that means, “I don’t like cauliflowers but I love broccoli.”
It’s such a shame because Egypt broccoli is not very common.
And that’s it for today. I hope you like the lesson and why don’t you comment below about your favorite or least favorite vegetables? I will see you next time. Don’t forget to check out our website. Bye bye.