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Lesson Transcript

Peryhan: Hi everyone, I am Peryhan and this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words. So let’s see today’s topic. Today’s topic is about flavors.
“to taste”
“to taste” and in the dialect, it’s
So for example, you can say...
ممكن أطلب عينة قبل ماطلب الطبق؟
mumken ʾaṭlub ʿayyenah ʾabl māṭlub el-ṭabaʾ?
And that in English means “Can I please taste a sample before I order the dish?”
ḥāmeḍ - “sour”
ḥāmeḍ and that means “sour”.
So this is going to be an easy one. What is the most sour thing? It's lemon!
.اللمون حامض جداً
āllamūn ḥāmeḍ ǧeddan.
And that means “Lemons are very sour.”
.الحلويات الشعبية في مصر حلوة جداً
ālḥalaweyyāt el-šaʿbeyyah fī maṣr ḥelwah ǧeddan.
“Egyptian desserts are very sweet.”
“salty” and in the dialect, you can say
مالح or you can say
مملح - mmallaḥ
So for example, you can say...
.في شم النسيم أو عيد الفصح, دايماً بناكل سمك مملح
fī šam el-nesīm ʾaw ʿīd el-feṣḥ, dāīman bnākul samak mmallaḥ.
And in English that is.. “In Easter, we always eat salty fish.”
You have to tie your hair back because it’s so smelly and you just…
مر - mur
“bitter”. And in the dialect, it’s the same..
مر - mur
So for example, you can say...
.القهوة السادة دايماً مرة
ālʾahwah el-sādah dāīman murrah.
Or in English, you can say... “Black coffee is always bitter.”
So that’s it for today. I hope you like the lesson and please comment below about your favorite taste and don’t forget to check our website. I will see you soon. Bye bye. Yeah, actually I love coffee so I just like I am going to enjoy it so….hmm, it was good. It was so good.