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Lesson Transcript

Peryhan: Hi everyone, this is Peryhan and this is the Egyptian Arabic weekly words. Today’s lesson is about the weather. So let’s get started.
حر جداً/ حار جِدّاً
“extremely hot”
حار جِدّاً
which means “extremely hot” and in the dialect, it’s
حر جداً
ḥar ǧeddan
So you can say...
.الجالجو في الصحرا حر جداً
ālǧaw fī el-ṣaḥarā ḥar ǧeddan.
“The weather in the desert is extremely hot.”
“humid “and in the dialect Arabic, it’s
For example, you can say..
.جو مصر مفهوش رطوبة كتير
ǧaw maṣr mafhūš ruṭūbah ktīr.
which means “The weather in Egypt is not very humid.”
- “wind” or in the Egyptian dialect it’s
هوا - hawaā
So you can say..
.النهارده الهوا شديد جداً
ālnahārdah el-hawā šdīd ǧeddan.
“Today the wind is very strong.”
سما صافية/سماء صافِيَة
“clear sky”
سماء صافِيَة
“clear sky” or in the Egyptian dialect
سما صافية
samā ṣāfeyah
For example, you can say..
.السما صافية زي البحر
ālsamā ṣāfyah zay el-baḥr.
which means “The sky is as clear as the sea.”
- “cloudy” and in the dialect Arabic, it’s
So for example, you can say...
.الجو مغيم, شكلها هتمطر
ālǧaw mġayyem, šaklahā hatmaṭṭar.
which means “The sky is so cloudy. It seems as if it’s going to rain.”
And that’s it for today. Thank you for listening. I hope it was fun. Why don’t you comment below about what is the weather like now and please subscribe and check out our websites. Bye bye.

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