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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Prihan and this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words. Today’s topic is colors, الألوان (al'alwan) So let’s get started.
أحم ر
[ʾaḥmar] Red
الفراولة لونها أحمر.
[elfarāwlah lūnhā ʾaḥmar.]
Strawberries are red, it’s red.
إسو د
[ʾeswed] Black
[ʾeswed] or in the dialect
[ʾeswed] that is black
الإسود لون أنيق.
[elʾeswed lūn ʾanīq.]
Black is an elegant color
أصف ر
[ʾṣfar, ʾaṣfar] yellow
الموز لونه أصفر.
[elmūz lūnuh ʾaṣfar.]
Bananas are yellow
بن ي
[bunnī] brown
شعري لونه بني.
[šaʿrī lūnuh bunnī.] My hair is brown
أزر ق
[ʾazraʾ] blue.
In the dialect, it’s [ʾazraʾ]
which is very easy to pronounce than
السما و المحيطات لونهم أزرق.
[elsamā wa el-muḥīṭāt lūnhum ʾzraʾ.]
The sky and the oceans are blue.
That’s it for today. Please comment below about your favorite color and try to make a sentence with it and I will see you next time bye bye.