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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Prihan and this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words. Today’s topic is quite fun. It’s about mammals,
So as you all know I am from Egypt, I said that before and everyone thinks that Egypt, they have camels and nothing but camels. Like you go to school every day by camel, that’s not true. We have cars, we have trains and you can only see camels next to the pyramids, their natural inhabitant
أرن ب
[ʾrnab]. Rabbits
أظن إن الأرانب ظريفة جداً.
["ʾaẓun ʾen el-ʾarāneb ẓarīfah ǧeddan.]
I think rabbits are so cute.
أس د
[ʾasad] Lion
الأسد ملك الغابة.
[ālʾasad malek el-ġābah.]
The lion is a king of the jungle
ثعل ب
[ṯaʿlab] fox
الثعالب معروف عنهم إنهم مكارين.
[ālṯaʿāleb maʿrūf ʿanhum ʾennuhum makkārīn.]
Foxes are known to be cunning. You know that song, what did the fox say? Yeah that’s quite funny
حصا ن
[ḥiṣān] horse.
So as you might all know, Arabian horses are very beautiful. They are like the most popular horses in the world.
So [الحصان العربي جميل جداً.]
[ālḥuṣān el-ʿarabī ǧamīl ǧeddan.]
Arabian horses are very beautiful.
خنزي ر
[ḫanzīr] Pig
المسلمون لا يأكلون الخَنازير.
[ālmuslemūn lā yaʾkulūn el-ḫanāzīr.]
Muslims don’t eat pigs.
My favorite mammal is kittens or cats, that is قط and as you can see, I am wearing cats today, I love it very much. And so why don’t you tell us your favorite animal in the comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe and visit our website. Bye bye.