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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Peryhan and this is the Egyptian Arabic weekly words. So today’s theme is fruits, الفاكهة (alfakiha).
As you know I am from Egypt and the most popular foods we have there is Oranges and Bananas mainly because they are cheap. So if you want to know how to say your favorite food in Arabic, please keep on watching.
[البرقو ق] Plum
[ālbarqūq] plum
جدتي بتعرف تعمل مربة برقوق لذيذة.
ǧeddetī beteʿraf teʿmel murabbah barqūq laḏīḏah.
My grandma can make a delicious plum jam.
[شمام] Melon
[šammām] Melon.
رحت للسوبرماركت واشتريت شمامة.
[ruḥt llsūbarmārket w eštarīt šammāmah.]
I went to the supermarket and I bought a melon
[تفاح] Apple.
[tufaāḥ] Apple
التفاح مفيد للصحة.
[eltuffāḥ mufīd lelṣeḥḥah.]
Apples are good for the health and as you know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
[المانجة] Mango
that is Mango as you can guess.
صديقتي من الفلبين جابتلي مانجة فليبينية.
[ṣadīqtī men el-felebīn ǧābetlī mānǧah flībīneyyah.]
My friend from the Philippines bought me a Filipino mango which is very delicious, please try it.
[الموز] Banana
[ālmūz] Banana
الموز أرخص أنواع المانجة.
[elmooz ʾarḫaṣ ʾanwāʿ el-mānǧah.]
Bananas are the cheapest kind of fruit.
So the word banana is actually of an Arabic origin and banan it means basically a finger because Arabs thought that bananas are just like fingers. So they just called it banan or banana.
So I hope you liked this lesson. This is the end of it and please comment below about your favorite fruit in Arabic and don’t forget to subscribe and visit our website. Thank you, bye bye and I would like just to share with you that my favorite fruit is strawberry because you know my name is Berry Han, come on! I cannot English please, please!