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Lesson Transcript

What a super duper fun about furniture. I don’t know.
Hi everyone. I am Peryhan and this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words. Today’s topic is about furniture. So let’s get started.
And in the dialect, we just use the word عفش (ʿafš).
For example, you can say,
البنات بيكونو متحمسين جداً لشرا عفشهم لما بييجو يتجوزو.
(ālbanāt beykūnū mutaḥammesīn ǧeddan lešerā ʿafšuhum lammā bīīǧū yetǧawwezū.)
"When they are getting married, girls are so excited about buying their own furniture."
But in the dialect, we usually use the word كنبة (kanabah).
So for example, you can say,
أنا بحب أقعد على كنبة مريحة وأنا بتفرج على التلفيزيون.
(ʾanā baḥeb ʾaʾʿud ʿalā kanabah murīḥah ūʾanā batfarraǧ ʿalā el-telefīzyūn.)
"I would like to sit on a very comfy sofa while watching the TV."
رَف كُتُب
(raf kutub)
And sometimes in the dialect, we just use the word رف (raf)
الكتب كانت تقيلة جداً على رف الكتب, فوقع.
(ālkutub kānet teʾīlah ǧeddan ʿalā raf el-kutub, faweʾeʿ.)
"The books were too heavy for the bookshelf, so it fell down."
So for example, you can say,
سريري دايماً فوضى و عليه كتب و هدوم.
(serīrī dāyman fawḍā ūʿalīh kutub wa hudūm.)
And that is, "My bed is always messy. It has books and clothes on it."
Or you can say,
أنا عايزة أنام على سرير حجمة كبير
(ʾanā ʿāyzah ʾanām ʿalā serīr ḥaǧmuh kebīr)
"I want to sleep on a large-sized bed."
طاوِلَةُ القَهوَة
(ṭāwelaẗu el-ʾahwah)
"coffee table"
That means “coffee table” but in the dialect, we usually say
(tarābīzeh) or
ترابيزة القهوة
(tarābīzeh el-ʾahwah)
So for example, you can say,
قطتي نايمة على ترابيزة القهوة.
(ʾuṭṭetī nāymah ʿalā tarābīzeẗin el-ʾahwah.)
"My cat is sleeping on the coffee table."
And that’s it for today. I hope you liked our series and why don’t you comment below about your favorite piece of furniture. Don’t forget to subscribe and checkout our website. Bye-bye!