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Lesson Transcript

Let’s get started!
Hi everyone, I am Peryhan. And this is Egyptian Arabic weekly words. So today’s topic is about Your face. Let’s get started.
And that means ear. And in the dialect, we usually use the word إذن and for plural,
(widān). So for example, I can say,
أنا عندي حلقان في وداني
So for example, I can say,
أنا عندي حلقان في وداني
(ʾanā ʿandī ḥilqān fī widānī.)
"I have piercings in my ears."
And in the dialect, we say,
(manāḫīr) It’s such a funny word.
As a sentence, we can say,
مناخيري مسدودة عشان عندي برد.
(manāḫīrī masdūdah ʿašān ʿandī bard.)
"My nose is stuffy because I have a cold."
And in the dialect, it is the same I and the sentence I have for you is,
ثقافات كتير بتستعمل تعاويذ عشان تحمي نفسها من عين الحسود.
(ṯaqāfāt kitīr bitistaʿmil taʿāwīḏ ʿašān tiḥmī nafshā min ʿīn al-ḥasūd.)
"Many cultures use charms to protect themselves from the evil eye."
And for example, I am going to show you the eye [0:01:22.0] in Egypt. That is this. And usually people hang it in front of their houses or stores to keep away the evil or envious eyes away from them and to help them protect their jobs or business or families like that. They also use it in Turkey.
That means “mouth” but in the dialect, we usually use the word, بؤ
So for example, you can say,
إقفل بؤك وأنت بتاكل.
(ʾiʾfil buʾak wʾinta btākul.)
"Eat with your mouth closed."
So for example, you can say,
خدود الأطفال لطيفة جداً.
(ḫudūd al-ʾaṭfal- laṭīfah ǧiddan.)
"Babies' cheeks are very cute."
And that’s it for today. I hope you liked the lessons. Why don’t you comment below about your favorite part of your face in Arabic and don’t forget to subscribe and checkout the website. Bye-bye!


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Please read Your sentences much much slower and explain the roots of the words. This would help a lot to memorize them.

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